Warning signs that must not be ignored

Ignoring signs of a pest infestation can be costly for your health and your wallet. If you notice any of the following warning signs, consider calling in a professional pest controller.

Mice and rats

Mice and rats, along with the ticks, fleas and mites that live on them, are a significant health risk known to spread more than 35 diseases. Diseases can spread via bites, unsafe handling and disposal of infected dead rats or eating food or drinking water contaminated with rat urine, faeces, saliva or hair, or breathing dust contaminated with rat urine or faeces.

Rats and mice can also weaken building structures by gnawing through aluminium sheeting and chewing through electrical wiring.

There are several signs of a rat or mice infestation.

  • Droppings (12-18 mm long)
  • Debris such as snail shells or fruits with the sides eaten out
  • Bones in the corners of sheds, under homes and in secluded spots
  • Greasy trails or rub marks along paths they travel, often supports or beams
  • Burrow holes
  • Gnawing damage
  • Pet dogs, cats and birds more excitable than usual
  • Squeaking, gnawing or scratching noises

Poison baits and spring back-break or capture box traps using baits such as bacon, fish, peanut butter or sausage are effective ways to destroy rats.

Often, however, a problem will persist or be more complex, and it is a good idea to call in a professional.

Source: WA Department of Health


Cockroaches often leave behind signs of an infestation even before a homeowner spots one of the insects, especially as they generally prefer to come out at night in search of food. Cockroaches are renowned for their ability to spread disease, so tackle an infestation as soon as possible.

Signs include:

  • Black droppings that look like coffee grounds
  • Where there is plenty of water, cockroaches produce brown smear marks wherever they travel that may be spotted on surfaces and where walls meet the floor
  • Discarded egg capsules and shed skin
  • An unpleasant, musty smell from where cockroaches have defecated
  • Sighting cockroaches, especially when turning on a light at night


Visible ants inside or outside a building, and paths of the insects leading to and from a building are all red flags. While ant nests or ant mounds are normally underground, entry points look like small mounds of sand, soil or dirt with a tiny depression in the middle.


Even the more harmless species can become a problem if you have a spider infestation in or around your house.

They leave cobwebs in every corner making your home feel unclean, not to mention those moments of terror when a big, hairy Huntsman scurries out from under a pile of clothes!

Do yourself a favour - call in the pest control experts!

Don't put up with an infestation. Call in the pest control experts to take care of the problem.

Don't put up with an infestation. Call in the pest control experts to take care of the problem.