To get fit just turn up and get started

Evo Health Club in Barton has excellent high-tech facilities and easy ways to get your fitness journey started. Photo: Supplied.

Evo Health Club in Barton has excellent high-tech facilities and easy ways to get your fitness journey started. Photo: Supplied.

EVO Health Club

It's common to hear people say that the hardest thing about getting into a healthy routine is getting started.

This concept is something we empirically know to be true, but social science researchers seem to have found a way to help explain this.

As sociology professor at Colorado State University, Jeni Cross presented a TEDx Talk in 2013 which plainly explained that behaviour preceds attitude, rather than the other way around.

In other words, our behaviour creates our attitude.

What this means is, all you have to do is get started and your body-positive attitude will naturally begin to emerge of its own accord.

We also know empirically as humans that while some people like to do their own thing, many people find it much nicer and more habit-forming to train in a group, whether that's friends or work colleagues, or maybe even just the people we meet and get to know at a gym.

Very helpfully, the team at EVO Health Club in Barton have a few ways you can very easily get started.

They're allowing people to join in January with no lock-in contracts to encourage you to try the facility and what they can offer.

They have personal trainers who can work with you one-on-one or with you and a friend to help you reach your goals and work around any limitations or restrictions you may have.

There is a wide variety of group training sessions you can join up to, whether you're into HIIT for cardio, Yoga for strength, flexibility and a peaceful mindset, Muay Thai for those interested in experiencing a martial art or boxing for those who want a more assertive activity.

They also have a new class coming that they refer to as functionality.

"Functionality is the fundamental building blocks to have your body performing for you the way it should. Unlock your individual strength, stability and suppleness with a focused attention on optimal movement patterns. Get ready to feel what power really feels like," the team explained.

EVO Health Club also has a strong interest in providing corporate training. Whether it's a group of colleagues, or the employer themselves encouraging their staff to take it up as a regular team-building activity, EVO would like to help.

The facilities at the club are very desirable too. In addition to the various high-end machines, benches and weights in the gym that you can use at your convenience, they have nice studio, a 25m indoor pool, plus a hydrotherapy spa, as well as a sauna and steam room.

Booking yourself in to use the facilities or join any of the scheduled classes is easy too. Members just take advantage of the Wellness System by using an app on their smart device to reserve their spot. Simple as that.