Get fit, flexible and destressed in Jem's beginners yoga class

Kingston Yoga

Jem's classes for 2021 are already proving popular so book now. Photo: Supplied.

Jem's classes for 2021 are already proving popular so book now. Photo: Supplied.

Having been lured to Canberra in 2011, Jem decided to share her passion for yoga and mindfulness by opening her helpful small business on May 4, 2019.

Yoga and mindfulness have a stunningly-long list of benefits from fitness, mobility and flexibility through to brain and mental health.

As you progress through the easy beginner phase you'll likely discover various muscles that you literally didn't know you had.

Society for Neuroscience published a paper in June 2020 that stated any new strength exercises you introduce to a training plan of any kind actually cause the neural network to adapt and improve, so "the first few weeks of training strengthen the nervous system," much more so than the muscles, so it really is physically good for both mind and body.

Meanwhile mindfulness and guided meditation, which is part of any well-trained yogi's philosophy, is the same kind of thing that counsellors might introduce to patients who present with high levels of stress or anxiety for instance.

Jem says "Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises all do wonders for your mind, body and soul," and there's definitely truth to that statement.

When it comes to leading a high-pressure life, Jem has been there too. As a military veteran and lawyer who formerly resided on the Gold Coast, she had an epiphany that there was more to life than the relentless pursuit of materialistic things.

It's also easy to get into yoga as a beginner, and this is Jem's primary focus. If you just want to try it the equipment can be had very cheap, and instructors like Jem have a very relaxed approach that's meant to put you at ease and let you just enjoy the experience for what it is.

The advanced moves you might have in your head are a long way from what you'll be expected to try. Your flexibility, strength, balance and skill all need to work up to anything like that.

For those who do want to continue their progression with Jem, you can take her intermediate course which naturally builds on what you've learned in the beginner phase.

Current restrictions limit classes to 10 participants, but Jem says she also likes it better with smaller groups anyway. It's easier to give people's techniques or other needs more attention for a start.

In addition to her passion for introducing adults to yoga, Jem also offers fun kids sessions whenever she can, and also enjoys working with groups of teens whenever the opportunity arises. They tend to find the mindfulness aspect of it beneficial too, along with being able to open up to a non-judgemental adult in their own time.

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