Dance continues to move people no matter what age or gender

When it comes to dancing, age, gender, and ability are no barrier. Dance is an activity you can do through life. Many people grow up with dance in their community or culture.

Still, a perception has grown that dance classes for enjoyment come to an end as an older teen.

Thankfully, adult dance classes are becoming popular again as a form of exercise and emotional release, according to Brett Morgan, director of the National College of Dance in Newcastle, and 2021 Order of Australia recipient for services to dance.

"Dance is beneficial for everyone," Brett said.

"It supports muscle strength and flexibility and opens up the relationship between the physical, mental and emotional connections for individuals of all ages.

"People start dancing for a number of reasons. They had a love of dance as a child and wish to reconnect with their childhood passion.

Dance can be a partner through life. People enjoy dance for myriad reasons, regardless of age. Photo: Shutterstock.

Dance can be a partner through life. People enjoy dance for myriad reasons, regardless of age. Photo: Shutterstock.

"They wish to improve fitness on a gentler level than going to a gym. There is also a lovely social aspect to dance and having interaction with a mature aged dancer with similar interests."

The physical benefits of dance are evident too.

"Strength and flexibility, posture, balance, co-ordination, stress release and general enjoyment," Brett said.

"It can complement other activities you may be involved in like sport, and also help in other areas of life like posture and self-confidence.

"There's also the friendships - they say "a friend in dance is a friend for life", and it's true, dance friends make lifelong friendships."

If you're interested in exploring opportunities in dance as an adult, Brett has this advice.

"Find a genre of dance that interests you and decide why you want to dance - fitness reasons or social reasons - this will help with the style of dance.

"Then do some research and find a school that will have qualified teachers and safe dance practices.

"Regardless of age, give it a go for at least a month to settle, make friends, understand the format and exercises.

"Also your body will take a few goes not to feel sore and start to strengthen, et cetera.

"After a while, you'll start getting used to the exercises and moving, and you'll feel your muscles getting stronger."