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Six things to keep in mind when buying bitcoin

Six things to keep in mind when buying bitcoin
Six things to keep in mind when buying bitcoin

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Regardless of the ups and downs of bitcoin, the hype over this cryptocurrency is going strong and one of the reasons behind it is its substantial potential.

While purchasing bitcoin is easy, making money with it is simple. If you're planning to invest or buy bitcoin, there are various things you should keep in mind.

Below are some of the things you should take into consideration before you decide to look for the best cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange like Independent Reserve to help you make your desired profits and stay on top of your game:

Know how to buy

Once you know when to buy and store bitcoin, you should understand the ways to purchase cryptocurrency. The process might be harder than you think. The hardest part about purchasing bitcoin is picking the right trading platform.

A good place for bitcoin purchase is an exchange. It might be a bit complicated to search for your ideal exchange. You should base your opinion on liquidity, reviews, fees, and proximity.

You shouldn't forget that selling and buying bitcoin comes with fees, which might vary depending on the security and popularity of the exchange. If you're buying a few bitcoins, fees might be a huge deciding factor. Pick an exchange that offers payment options that will be suitable for your requirements.

Bitcoin is highly unstable

One of the things you should keep in mind when planning to buy bitcoin is that it's a profitable investment but it's also an unpredictable and highly volatile currency.

If you think that bitcoin is the future of your money, you have to note that the price of bitcoin is a little unstable and fluctuates often. So, before investing in it, you should be prepared to face rapid fluctuations. You must also be careful when taking steps as a single mistake can result in a massive loss.

It's crucial to know bitcoin's high price volatility so you can do proper analysis and research before making any decisions. It'll lessen the risk of short-term price fluctuations and can offer you a good opportunity to make huge profits.

Learn the right time to buy bitcoin

If you're thinking about purchasing bitcoin, you must know the right time to buy. However, it's quite impossible to predict the price fluctuations of bitcoin accurately, regardless of your experience. If you're clueless about cryptocurrency trading, you can rely on expert opinions that are available online.

You may spend time analysing the price charts of bitcoin and learn the price history to finalise your decisions. You should understand that the price of bitcoin is tough to predict since it doesn't rely on the economic stability of any country.

Generally, global problems are advantageous to bitcoin's cost since it sits outside the control of the government. When predicting bitcoin behavior, you have to consider global economics.

Six things to keep in mind when buying bitcoin
Six things to keep in mind when buying bitcoin

Investing in bitcoin and trading bitcoin are different things

Investing and trading are different from each other, particularly when it comes to Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies. Investing typically means you're buying bitcoin and hold onto it for a long time. On the other hand, trading means you're purchasing bitcoin since you think its value will go up and you can make quick profits from it.

Investment can be a great supplement to well-diversified investment portfolios, while the trading must be done with caution. It's usually a losing battle when you try to find the proper timing in the investment's pricing. Since selling and buying bitcoin isn't free, the fees can add up especially if you frequently buy and sell bitcoin.

Learn how to store bitcoin

It's crucial to realise that the only option that you have for your bitcoin is to keep it in the same place that you purchase them. For instance, if you purchase bitcoin on a certain platform, you can only leave it in your account, which can be a valid option for the majority of people.

On the contrary, if you're worried about your bitcoin's security, you can consider using a cryptocurrency wallet to keep your bitcoin instead of keeping them on a certain platform.

The cryptocurrency wallet has different degrees of protection that you can enjoy. You may even store your bitcoin offline through the use of a hardware wallet.

If you're a casual buyer of bitcoin, a precaution isn't necessary, but if you're planning to invest more money in bitcoin, it's a smart option.

Bitcoin is transparent

Another thing to keep in mind about bitcoin is that all transactions on the network are publicly stored, immutable, traceable, and public on the bitcoin blockchain.

Each time you sell or buy bitcoin, the information is broadcasted and updated for everybody to see. You don't have to give away personal information like address and name. You only require a wallet address for bitcoin to receive and send it.


Bitcoin is no doubt a good investment and can be a great way to make a profit if you know how you can make the most out of it. However, before you dive in it makes sense to do in-depth research.

In this way, you'll know the things you should be aware of, especially if it's your first time in the cryptocurrency market.