Hanson has a strong local reputation that's set in concrete

Hanson can be part of your projects big and small all around the Canberra region. Photo: Supplied.
Hanson can be part of your projects big and small all around the Canberra region. Photo: Supplied.

Hanson has quite a noteworthy presence here in Canberra.

Locally, they employ about 28 people across a variety of roles from management, technology and administration, through supervisors, yard workers, operators and truck drivers.

They also have the backing of their multinational parent, the Heidelberg Cement Group based in Germany.

The company is also vertically integrated, supplying the concrete, aggregate and other materials so as to ensure cost efficiency and quality throughout the process.

In various years they have participated in the Canberra Convoy for Cancer Families, and they've been involved in many prominent local projects too.

In 2011 they donated some of the concrete used in the Women and Children's Hospital in Woden, and proudly supplied more besides.

In 2016 they donated concrete to a project for the Ricky Stuart Foundation.

They also continue to be relied upon for many construction projects around the ACT. Some that you may have seen or heard of include new housing in the city, new apartments in Phillip, works at the Defence Academy in Canberra, works at Australian National University in Canberra, the Cotter Road duplication, the Ashley Drive duplication, and the bridges for John Gorton Drive which are improving access to the Molonglo Valley.

Much more than concrete though, Hanson provides a variety of products and services.

For instance, "We trial, test and grade concrete and quarry material at 16 concrete and 23 aggregate laboratories across Australia," the company says.

Hanson has digital tools available, having developed mobile apps, calculators and more to help their customers manage projects.

They have mobile plants that can be set up for large-scale commercial or industrial projects, which is especially helpful in remote locations.

For private customers they have a mini fleet to provide small loads of concrete, aggregate, sand and decorative pebbles.

To find out how Hanson can help your project, whether it be big or small, visit hanson.com.au.