Bare: Plan your unique send off with a pre-paid funeral plan

Bare aims to cater for unique funeral choices without breaking the bank. Photo: SUPPLIED.
Bare aims to cater for unique funeral choices without breaking the bank. Photo: SUPPLIED.

As the old adage goes, death is one of two things that is certain in life, but when it comes to saying goodbye, more and more Aussies are less than certain about doing it the traditional way.

From Viking send offs, to beachside barbecues, tree planting ceremonies, ocean ash scatterings, and ashes being immortalised into jewellery, tattoos, and even garden gnomes - funeral care provider Bare has seen it, heard it and done it all.

Born out of best mates Cale Donovan and Sam McConkey's own experiences of funeral arrangements, Bare wants to make it easier for Aussies to plan funerals that are unique to the individual, but without the hefty price tag.

"At Bare we're proud to offer one of Australia's most affordable, least traditional, prepaid funerals, " co-founder Cale Donovan said.

"This is a high quality cremation service at the lowest possible price, which lets individuals and families plan and pay ahead for the memorial that matches the life it celebrates."

This is likely to appeal to Canberrans, as research by Bare shows that nine in 10 Aussies want to plan their farewell their way, and the same number believe the wishes of the departed (whether traditional, weird or wonderful) should be respected, even if it's not what the rest of the family wants.

So what exactly do Canberra locals want when it comes to saying farewell?

Personalisation seems to be key.

Coffins and caskets might be synonymous with end of life, but only four in 10 Aussies think these traditional aspects are important at a funeral.

When it comes to the perfect venue only four in 10 would opt for a place of worship. Instead one-third want their memorial in a park or garden and one in 10 would host in a pub or restaurant - cheers to that!

"Canberrans are incredibly down to earth so it's no surprise that many are opting for non-traditional funerals that reflect the lives they live," Donovan said.

"We receive so many brilliant and creative requests from customers here, it's clear one size no longer fits all. Which is why an affordable prepaid option is so great for many.

"It takes pressure off families left behind, while letting the individual say goodbye as only they can!"

Bare offers Canberra customers prepaid funerals for $2799, or customers can pay in installments over five years of $24.30 per fortnight.

With over a thousand five star reviews, a swag of award nominations, and customer service to be envied by the industry - it's easy to see why people are choosing to go out their way with Bare.