MedicAlert is more than an ID

When you see someone wearing a MedicAlert ID bracelet what's the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps you wonder if they have diabetes, a pacemaker, or a condition that they can squeeze into 20 words or less on their engraved ID.

The ID is only part of a much bigger service MedicAlert provide. MedicAlert is more than just and ID that is physically worn on your wrist. It is a membership to a globally recognised emergency response service that provides 24/7 access to further information if required. As the only Medical ID that ensures you can carry your full medical history with you wherever you go, and access to a 24/7 emergency response service, MedicAlert can be the difference that saves your life.

Recognised worldwide, MedicAlert helps you take control. Photo Supplied.

Recognised worldwide, MedicAlert helps you take control. Photo Supplied.

Full control of your health information

The engraving has a unique number linked to an electronic record containing comprehensive information about your medical history.

This record is managed by you. You choose what to include. You are in full control of what is stored here, when it is updated and the level of detail you provide. It can contain a detailed medical history, including conditions, implants, allergies, or medications. These are matched against a database of medical terminology to ensure that each new entry fits within a predefined list of conditions. This means that any diagnosis on the system is clinically valid, and all medications listed correspond to a medication listing on the Australian Medicines Terminology database. MedicAlert is the only medical ID provider to provide this important clinical validation process.

Specialist protection

"To support the valid clinical terminology recorded in the member's electronic record, the MedicAlert membership services team have ongoing training from our in-house medical director Dr Caroline Foreman, an immunology and allergy specialist," a spokesperson said.

"Dr Foreman educates and works with our team to bring knowledge and understanding of the implications of conditions, how to identify gaps in the medical history and what further questions to ask our members to create a complete and accurate medical record. Providing advice on what to engrave and what documentation is necessary to store on the member record, she places a strong emphasis on the importance of accurate and concise engraving that is easy to understand for all members of the community and for first responders, doctors, specialists and pharmacists."

Limitless, customised information

The ability to store documents in the digital MedicAlert member record means that for people who have a complex history, documentation such as specialist letters, action plans and implant details can be stored and then accessed whenever needed.

For example, if someone has an allergy to multiple medications, details about the reactions can be documented to help guide future prescribing. An implant recipient can store their implant card on their record, along with the brand, specifications, and details such as whether an MRI is safe. From passport details for travelling to Advance Care Directives for end of life wishes, there is no limit to the type and amount of information that can be uploaded and stored.

"These details will provide the knowledge needed and ensure immediately relevant treatment in any emergency situation or health related event."

Confidence and independence 24/7

"As Australia's only not-for-profit organisation of its kind, today MedicAlert have been providing our specialised service, giving first responders access to life-saving medical information with internationally recognised medical IDs for the past 50 years. We help deliver better treatment outcomes for our members by providing access to clinically validated health records.

"In an emergency, your life can rest in the hands of others. That's why a MedicAlert ID works together with our 24/7 emergency response service; so first responders have the full story to treat you when seconds count."

Recognised worldwide, MedicAlert helps you take control of your health, providing peace of mind even in these challenging times. MedicAlert gives you confidence and independence, every day.