Kids should Jump back into their swimming lessons now

Jump Fyshwick offers a community feel while teaching your kids to swim. Photo: Supplied
Jump Fyshwick offers a community feel while teaching your kids to swim. Photo: Supplied

The need for safety around the water is always worth restating, especially given a recent increase in water-related tragedies.

"It's concerning that we've already seen a 108 percent rise in drownings in the 0-4 age group and 56 percent in the 5-14 category in 2020-21, no doubt due to the impacts of lockdowns and swim school closures," said Holly Singh, owner/manager of the Fyshwick franchise of Jump swim school.

"We've observed the skill drop in previous lockdowns - it only takes a few weeks of children missing lessons and the effect is noticeable, especially amongst younger children - so when they have a big gap in lessons like we've seen in the latest ACT lockdown, it makes us very concerned especially as we head into summer.

"Getting back to lessons as soon as possible is the most important thing parents can do to prepare a child for the summer months of beach and pool visits ahead and to ensure their skills remain at a level where they could save their own life if the unthinkable accident was to occur."

Jump Fyshwick is a boutique learn to swim facility, teaching babies aged from three months, and they have lessons all the way up to stroke development for 11 to 12 year olds. Additionally, they offer private lessons for children living with a disability, so as to offer a calm environment for them.

"Jump Fyshwick is the way learn to swim should be for your child; small intimate classes free of distractions, expert qualified swimming teachers, and a heated purpose-built indoor pool. Every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey".

Holly and her husband bought the centre in January 2019, having specifically decided to move here from Sydney so they could raise their young family in Canberra. And they've been pretty pleased with that decision. "The swim school is a nice little community for us," Holly said.

"Jump Fyshwick has a real community feel where we can discuss your child's progress every swimming lesson and greet every child by name. You will find Jump Fyshwick is a personal facility with plenty of privacy, away from the rush of the bigger council facilities."