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Latest SBS board appointment bodes ill for our multicultural broadcaster

By Nasser Mashni
November 21 2021 - 6:25pm
Public broadcasters are not the place for political agendas. Picture: Shutterstock

In this age of the internet, streaming services, TV on demand and social media, my children find it hard to understand the reverent silence that came over our home when the SBS news came on. Watching and listening to George Donikian and later Mary Kostakidis was a ritual all migrant families quickly adopted. They looked like us, could pronounce our names, and the reportage they brought to us had a depth we looked for in vain (then and now) on the other networks. My friends and I often joked that we'd get in far less trouble laughing during a church or mosque service. SBS was the "go to" for so many migrant families. While the format of how migrant families watch or listen to SBS may have changed, its significance has not.