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Be aware of asbestos materials and don't take any chancesAdvertising Feature

AGH has had extensive experience in the management of hazardous material and demolition of institutional and residential properties. Photo: Supplied

The potentially-deadly health effects of asbestos exposure are widely known.

Unfortunately, asbestos was used in thousands of building materials, including insulation, before Australia banned that type of use in 1989. Consequently, the federal Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency estimates that it remains in a third of Australian homes, as well as many other buildings built before 1990.

Also, and rather scandalously, there were some cases of asbestos material still being used after 1990.

There is no safe level of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres, and when the fibres get into the lungs, which can happen if the asbestos product is damaged or disturbed, it is known to cause deadly conditions like mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer and more.

For anyone undertaking a renovation or rebuilding project, big or small, the agency's advice is to consult a licenced professional if you're at all unsure about the potential presence of asbestos.

AGH Demolition & Asbestos Removal Pty Ltd has been serving the ACT and surrounding districts since 2008.

"AGH has had extensive experience in the management of hazardous material and demolition of institutional and residential properties," said a spokesperson from AGH.

"During the past few years, AGH remediated and demolished over 300 properties affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos-contaminated loose-fill insulation. In addition to residential projects, AGH has completed hazmat remediation and demolition work in education, health, industrial and other commercial facilities. Most of these projects involved complex programs with a multitude of hazardous materials, many of which were still occupied and operational sites."

They also pointed out that the advantages of using one contractor such as AGH for the hazmat remediation as well as the demolition includes their ability to manage the complexities associated with discovering unexpected contamination, while also ensuring programs and budgets are maintained because the contractor is already on site.

Fully prepared for the tasks at hand, AGH has an extensive range of plant and equipment including EPA-approved trucks, excavators, and hook lift bin trucks ready to undertake any environmental remediation, demolition, or civil project.

Additionally, "float transportation, transport permits and heavy-haulage escort services are provided in-house allowing immediate mobilisation to any site in Australia. The team consists of highly experienced operators for each plant item holding the appropriate licences and tickets with verification of competency assessments in place."