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Enjoy a day trip or a weekend in TumutAdvertising Feature

Enjoy a day trip or a weekend in Tumut

With many of us looking to travel over December and January, don't forget to stop into Tumut and enjoy it's natural wonders, outdoor adventures and delicious produce of the NSW Snowy Mountains.

"This is a stunning part of the world," said Michael Cichocki from Tumut River Brewing Company.

The name Tumut is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning quiet resting place by the river. And it's a name that still rings true to this day.

At any time of year, it's lovely to stroll along Tumut River Walk, winding to the bird-rich Tumut Wetland.

Things to do

Tumut is only about a two hour drive from Canberra via the most direct route, "or you could take the scenic route over the Brindabella Ranges with your AWD," Michael added.

There are also several different types of great outdoor activities to be enjoyed in and around Tumut.

For example, you can hike or mountain bike the many trails in Tumut State Forest and Kosciuszko National Park.

You can join a horse riding tour or take riding lessons and explore the beautiful area on horseback.

There are plenty of great fishing spots, in rivers, lakes and the nearby dams.

You can learn the art of fly fishing with Fly Fishing Tumut.

Kayaking and canoeing are popular on the Tumut and Goobarragandra rivers.

You can enjoy boating, water-skiing and swimming at Blowering Dam, where Ken Warby set the world water-speed record in 1978. It's three times the size of Sydney Harbour.

"We've also got the Tumbarumba wine region," Michael illustrated.

Call into Tumut River Brewing Company's brew-pub and bistro for a craft brew and a great feed. Photos: Supplied

Grab a bite and a brew

"Tumut is a wonderful place to stay and visit, with some great cafes and pubs, not just ours," Michael said.

On the subject of theirs though, Tumut River Brewing Company offers a great bistro and a lively brew-pub where they showcase their many regular and limited-edition craft brew creations.

They are open every day except Christmas or the annual staff party (they've already earned it this year, that's for sure).

You can get lunch or dinner any day, plus they offer breakfasts on weekends.

As for the microbrewery's activities, Michael says they have seven flavours that they brew all the time, with some pale ales and their Bounty Hunter dark ale.

Additionally, they create special varieties that are available for a limited time. In October for instance they introduced a choc-orange cream ale that goes down rather smoothly.

Tumut River Brewing Company also use local ingredients when they can, sourcing their apples from nearby Batlow to give you just one example.

The team also get involved with some interesting events throughout the year.

For example, as we were preparing this story they were busily getting ready for Tumut River Tap Days, a craft beer and music festival that was held on November 27 which everyone was pretty excited about.

To see what is coming up next, just visit or follow them on Facebook.

Enjoy a day trip or a weekend in Tumut

Enjoy warmer weather any timeAdvertising Feature

Taiohae Bay. Taiohae is the main town on Nuku Hiva island, itself the largest of the 12 Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. Photo: Shutterstock

Summer is traditionally a time of travel, and with borders opening up it's looking very promising for the 2021-22 season and beyond.

Domestically, there's a remarkable number of places that you can explore from here on a day trip.

The ACT itself has many attractions that offer visitors to our capital a rich and rewarding, even educational experience.

The ACT is also within very easy reach of National Parks and many regional villages are also within quite a reasonable driving distance.

You could also drive a short distance north to see the water level of the normally dry expanse of flat land called Lake George. It is now at the highest it's been in many years thanks to the current La Nina cycle.

Alternatively, you could head in pretty much any direction and find a lovely bistro or cafe to have lunch and a casual look around town.

Places like Yass and Goulburn are even hoping to attract the attention of electric vehicle owners after putting in public fast-charging stations. And there's no reason why other villages shouldn't try to follow their example by putting in some infrastructure like this of their own (just a thought).

Gundagai, Jugiong, and Tumut are within reach too. You could even head to Young via Boorowa or Harden. And then there are all the villages along the way to Cooma in the south, or there's Gunning, Crookwell and surrounding villages directly north, as well as Bungendore, Braidwood and beyond in the east. And more.

If you're looking for a weekend away you can stay the night in or around any of those locations and explore their region in a bit more detail.

Plus, there will no-doubt be the large-scale migration to the NSW South Coast over the school holiday period.

Beyond our summer, you can also chase the sun by planning ahead to escape at least some of the cold months we experience here in Canberra.

You don't even need to head all the way to the continents of the northern hemisphere. There are many tropical locations closer to the equator that offer whatever it is you're looking for in a holiday experience, be it relaxing, outdoor activities and adventure, various cultural experiences and more.

One example that Ultimate Travel brought to our attention is Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands.

When describing the Marquesas as a collective Tahiti Tourisme (they're in French Polynesia) says "luscious islands emerge from the Pacific Ocean, a land of history and legends, each one more fascinating and unforgettable than the last. Welcome to the magnificent Marquesas Islands."

More specifically, the Marquesas are an archipelago located 1,500 km northeast of Tahiti and spread out over 12 islands. Only six of these islands are inhabited by humans.

The largest of the Marquesas Islands is known as Nuku Hiva (or Nukahiva) and the main town on this island is Taiohae (or Taioha'e).

Taiohae is in a former (and very inactive) volcanic crater which partially collapsed into the ocean, creating a beautiful and large bay offering ships easy access which they have enjoyed for centuries.

It is also the site of Fort Madison, the first naval base in the Pacific Ocean for the United States of America. This fort was established in 1813 by Commodore David Porter during the Anglo-American War. Its intended purpose was protecting the village of Madisonville (now Taiohae) from British and Marquesan attacks. It was only attacked once, and that was by British mutineers in May 1814. The fort was abandoned soon after.

In the modern day, cruise ships to the Marquesas Islands don't just bring visitors they also bring supplies to what is considered one of the most remote, and beautiful, regions on our blue planet.

Nuku Hiva is also served by a single-runway airport located 19km northwest of Taiohae.

Explore nature in the southernmost sea on planet EarthAdvertising Feature

On a cruise from New Zealand, embark on an extraordinary adventure to the seldom-visited Ross Sea. Photo: Supplied

Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the seldom-visited Ross Sea from New Zealand, and walk in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers on an exciting expedition.

Offered by Southlands Travel, this unique package has been designed by Cruiseco. "It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a different and distinctive type of holiday, a concept of travel that is intimate, luxurious and authentic," a spokesperson said.

Sailing from Dunedin in New Zealand on board Ponant's Le Soléal, your exploring will start in Campbell Island, part of New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands. There you will discover the island's spectacular endemic flora and fauna, including six species of albatross.

Also on this journey, while you enjoy some time at sea you get to take advantage of talks and lectures on board by your team of expedition guides. Meanwhile, you should be prepared to reach the Ross Sea, the Southernmost sea on Earth.

Alongside your expedition team, you will be able to enjoy the privilege of exploring this fascinating region and also learn all about its history and natural environment, all in one of the most pristine, spectacular settings.

Other features of nature that you can observe will be one of the largest Adelie penguin rookeries in the world, you can sail past gigantic icebergs and thundering glaciers during a Zodiac excursion, or spot Weddell seals as they relax, or hunt, on ice floes.

As your adventure continues you will have the chance to visit historic buildings including Sir Ernest Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds, and while doing so you can reflect on the amazing and difficult polar journeys of some of the world's most intrepid polar explorers.

On your way back, the planned route will have you enjoying some time on Australia's Macquarie Island and its impressive colony of king penguins, before disembarking in Hobart.

Call Southlands Travel and Cruise on 02 6286 5540 or send an email to and have a chat with Cathy or Jenny about this truly memorable adventure which not many people have the chance to experience.