Plan ahead to enjoy warmer weather any time of the year

Taiohae Bay. Taiohae is the main town on Nuku Hiva island, itself the largest of the 12 Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. Photo: Shutterstock

Taiohae Bay. Taiohae is the main town on Nuku Hiva island, itself the largest of the 12 Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. Photo: Shutterstock

Summer is traditionally a time of travel, and with borders opening up it's looking very promising for the 2021-22 season and beyond.

Domestically, there's a remarkable number of places that you can explore from here on a day trip.

The ACT itself has many attractions that offer visitors to our capital a rich and rewarding, even educational experience.

The ACT is also within very easy reach of National Parks and many regional villages are also within quite a reasonable driving distance.

You could also drive a short distance north to see the water level of the normally dry expanse of flat land called Lake George. It is now at the highest it's been in many years thanks to the current La Nina cycle.

Alternatively, you could head in pretty much any direction and find a lovely bistro or cafe to have lunch and a casual look around town.

Places like Yass and Goulburn are even hoping to attract the attention of electric vehicle owners after putting in public fast-charging stations. And there's no reason why other villages shouldn't try to follow their example by putting in some infrastructure like this of their own (just a thought).

Gundagai, Jugiong, and Tumut are within reach too. You could even head to Young via Boorowa or Harden. And then there are all the villages along the way to Cooma in the south, or there's Gunning, Crookwell and surrounding villages directly north, as well as Bungendore, Braidwood and beyond in the east. And more.

If you're looking for a weekend away you can stay the night in or around any of those locations and explore their region in a bit more detail.

Plus, there will no-doubt be the large-scale migration to the NSW South Coast over the school holiday period.

Beyond our summer, you can also chase the sun by planning ahead to escape at least some of the cold months we experience here in Canberra.

You don't even need to head all the way to the continents of the northern hemisphere. There are many tropical locations closer to the equator that offer whatever it is you're looking for in a holiday experience, be it relaxing, outdoor activities and adventure, various cultural experiences and more.

One example that Ultimate Travel brought to our attention is Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands.

When describing the Marquesas as a collective Tahiti Tourisme (they're in French Polynesia) says "luscious islands emerge from the Pacific Ocean, a land of history and legends, each one more fascinating and unforgettable than the last. Welcome to the magnificent Marquesas Islands."

More specifically, the Marquesas are an archipelago located 1,500 km northeast of Tahiti and spread out over 12 islands. Only six of these islands are inhabited by humans.

The largest of the Marquesas Islands is known as Nuku Hiva (or Nukahiva) and the main town on this island is Taiohae (or Taioha'e).

Taiohae is in a former (and very inactive) volcanic crater which partially collapsed into the ocean, creating a beautiful and large bay offering ships easy access which they have enjoyed for centuries.

It is also the site of Fort Madison, the first naval base in the Pacific Ocean for the United States of America. This fort was established in 1813 by Commodore David Porter during the Anglo-American War. Its intended purpose was protecting the village of Madisonville (now Taiohae) from British and Marquesan attacks. It was only attacked once, and that was by British mutineers in May 1814. The fort was abandoned soon after.

In the modern day, cruise ships to the Marquesas Islands don't just bring visitors they also bring supplies to what is considered one of the most remote, and beautiful, regions on our blue planet.

Nuku Hiva is also served by a single-runway airport located 19km northwest of Taiohae.