Supermarket food supply shortages provide an opportunity to grown your own fruit and vegetables

Jackie French
By Jackie French
January 15 2022 - 6:00pm

Decades ago I was "almost self-sufficient". If I didn't grow it, or forage it in the bush, or find an aged typewriter at the Majors Creek garbage tip or swap local pottery and outgrown kids' clothes for lemons, corn or kiwi fruit, we did without, apart from running and registering the car, necessary for emergency doctor's visits or musical evening. That was poverty, not choice - I still remember the joy when I bought my first bottle of gin, the first "non necessity" I'd paid for since I was 12.


Jackie French

Jackie French

Canberra Times columnist

Jackie French is an Australian author, historian, ecologist and honourary wombat (part time), 2014-2015 Australian Children' Laureate and 2015 Senior Australian of the Year. She also writes a gardening column for The Canberra Times.