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4 Strategies to engage and retain your customers during the pandemic

4 Strategies to engage and retain your customers during the pandemic

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Ever since the pandemic, governing bodies have enforced numerous rules on the public, one of which is social distancing. While it helps with public health, this rule has made it particularly difficult for businesses all over the world.

And at the rate it's going, merchants now believe the pandemic and quarantine will have a much deeper impact on businesses.

For this reason, numerous business owners are finding a better customer experience strategy than what they have now, one that caters to customers while still following the quarantine rules. If you're one of these individuals, the following four might come in handy for you.

1. Level up your social media game

During the height of the quarantine, social media use has reached its peak, as shown in numerous surveys. In fact, social network users increased by 200 million from 2019 to 2020. (1)

With this piece of information, one can surmise that social media marketing would be a compelling strategy, especially during this pandemic.

In short, you should take your social media marketing up a notch as you're essentially reaching half of the global population by doing so. But how do you go about it? Here are a few pointers to help you out:

  • Include interactive posts, like surveys, polls, or questions more often.
  • Share how-to guides and other articles from your website through social media posts.
  • Demonstrate your new services or products with videos.
  • Create and post infographics on your social media pages. (2)

Apart from these, you should also try replying or reacting to your customers' comments. This will show you're not just a robot and there's a person on the other side of the connection.

2. Spice up your website with a new design

On top of interacting more with your followers on social media platforms, it would also help if you do the same with your website. However, this time, rather than social interactions, change your web design.

The concept behind such a strategy is that adding elements your visitors have never seen before would offer them a new way to navigate your website. The best part about this is that it's also an effective way to speed up your site and improve its performance. (3)

3. Distribute e-gift cards among your customers

Distributing gift cards has always been an effective way of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. But it's particularly useful during the pandemic as you can do it online, too.

Aside from spreading the name of your business, gift cards also encourage consumers to start using digital or electronic wallets. After all, the hassle of doing so should be worth it in exchange for freebies. Once they have a digital wallet, it'll become a lot easier for you to market to these customers as they can now transact with your business online more quickly. In addition to that, you can also consider giving discounts to customers or creating a reward program for your returning customers. (4)

4 Strategies to engage and retain your customers during the pandemic

4. Organise and hold online events

With the quarantine and all that, a vast majority of people today are lacking social interaction. As such, it's the best time to reach out to your customers, and what better way to do that than by organising and holding online events.

Of course, it may cost you a bit of money, but it's certainly worth the price as it will keep your customers engaged. Here are a few examples of events you can hold for your customers:

  • Photo contests
  • Minigames
  • Virtual concerts
  • Health activities
  • Trivia or quiz-type competitions
  • Chat rooms (5)

Remember, the purpose of these events is purely to engage and retain your customers. So while you may have other agendas, such as demonstrating or launching your new product, save it for later.

Wrapping up

The pandemic not only flipped the health industry upside down but has also managed to change how people operate businesses. After all, customers can no longer interact with enterprises the same way they did before.

But while the pandemic caused irreversible damage to some businesses, others thrived in these times of crisis as they began to adopt new technologies that drastically improved their customers' experience. If you want to do the same with your customers, this article should have the information you need.