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Caring for your loved one

EMPATHY: Meet Carolyn Jamieson and Josh Wallace, the dedicated team at Tobin Brothers Funerals. Photo: Supplied.

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The team at Tobin Brothers Funerals understand that people live full, rich lives, and there's a need to celebrate and reflect those lifetimes in the most accurate way possible.

When families come to them, they can expect a caring and sensitive approach to funeral arrangements.

"We at Tobin Brothers deem it a privilege to serve the diverse Canberra population at their time of need," funeral director Carolyn Jamieson said. "We know there are lots of locals that know us, but we also know that there is a large transient population of defence and embassy personnel that also need us.

"This sort of intimate knowledge of Canberra and its population, helps enable us to personalise each and every funeral for a family."

Tobin Brothers Funerals has been in operation since 1946, and has seen many families through the toughest of times. Grief can be a complicated emotion, but its funeral directors are knowledgeable in this space.

"We care and we listen. We provide space, time and resources such as MyGriefAssist for families. And of course, our team, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge from their own life experiences," Mrs Jamieson said.

HISTORY ENGRAINED: Tobin Brothers Funerals are proud of their historically significant chapel at their Belconnen location, with stained glass windows. Photo: Supplied.

The home has a specific process by which they arrange funerals.

"First, we listen to a family to get to know the character, quirks and history of their loved one. This is my opportunity to make a difference to how the family will celebrate and farewell their loved one," she said. "Our team will help with all the necessary paperwork and bookings behind the scenes to create a memorable moment for the family to remember on the day of their service.

"We will follow up after the service to check that all went as was expected. And sometimes we will just call to say hello because they have touched our lives as much as we have touched theirs."

Tobin Brothers Funerals can arrange every detail, from the floral tributes to giving advice on burial and cremation options.

They also provide mortuary and embalmer services, with a highly trained and compassionate team.

"We all play our part in caring for each and every family and take great pride in doing so," mortuary supervisor and embalmer Josh Wallace said.

"After 17 years (in the industry) I can say that speaking with a family regarding the loss of a loved one is never easy; however by being honest, caring and respectful and using my knowledge, I feel that families are genuinely grateful for the advice and guidance that we offer," said Mr Wallace.

They have facilities in Belconnen, Kingston and Tuggeranong.

This is branded content for Tobin Brothers Funerals.