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TRANQUIL: Join a congregation for the church service this Easter and take in the ambience and sheer beauty of your local church. Photo: Supplied

The hush of a quiet space, one where you can sit in comfort and know you will be left in peace until you're ready to leave, still resonates no matter how busy our lives become.

As you walk in the doors of your local church, which are always open, the atmosphere alone is sure to slow your heart beat and make you feel calm, and as though you're not really alone.

The soaring ceilings, faint aroma of wax polish, flowers and candles, and the sunbeams as they stream at angles through the stained glass, mark this a special place. On past experience, one of generosity and kindness.

The sheer grandeur of a church also reminds you of all the effort and faith put into the construction - the sum of the parts like the steeple, portals, and stained glass.

Some churches are so magnificent that it's a bit much to take in, but all you need to know about a beautiful church is how it makes you feel.

Whether it's for the singing or the sermon, the acoustics of a church are usually excellent, and when the choir rises to join the congregation in a hymn, it's pretty special.

Church cathedral: Built to last through generations, the local church can be a safe haven and a gathering place for the faithful. Photo: Supplied

If it's been a while since you went to church, then an Easter service is probably on the cards.

Religious Australians are more likely to visit church at Easter, 16 percent of us in fact, according to National Church Life Survey (NCLS) research.

Singing as a congregation is in the top ten reasons people say they attend church. Another is to find comfort in times of trouble or sorrow.

The clergy have continued their ministry against overwhelming odds during COVID, with church at home, online and television services. Now being able to greet people in the familiar ways, backed by a traditional church service, is going to make Easter 2022 pretty special.

Religious Australians are more likely to visit church at Easter, 16 percent of us in fact, according to NCLS Research.

As the NCLS survey also reports, 57 percent of us attend church to be a part of a faith community, while 37 percent of us continue our family's religious traditions around church attendance.

The church does remain an important point of contact in the community and with the world returning to normal, an Easter service could be just the ticket for you and your family.