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Live your life and love your age!Advertising Feature

Cincotta Discount Chemist in Dickson offers a range of health services including vaccinations, blood pressure checks, Medication Management Reviews and assistance for those living with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Photo: Supplied

Cincotta Discount Chemist Dickson is here to help you live your life and love your age!

They offer a variety of health services from blood pressure checks to flu vaccines to ensure that their patients are provided the best care in Canberra.

"Stop by for one of our comprehensive blood pressure checks where our pharmacists can help you to monitor and manage your blood pressure," owner and pharmacist of Cincotta Dickson, Rhonda Warne said.

"We take the time to talk you through your results and provide advice on simple lifestyle changes that may assist you with improving your overall health and wellbeing."

Cincotta Discount Chemist also offer Medication Management Reviews, which are a great asset to anyone that would like to learn more about their medicines.

It can be particularly helpful to those recently discharged from hospital, or anyone taking five or more medications.

The review is conducted with one of their friendly pharmacists and takes approximately 45 minutes.

During the consultation, the pharmacist will take you through your medications providing you detailed information on:

  • What each medication is for
  • How they should be taken
  • How they should be stored and
  • How they can affect other medical conditions.

The pharmacy also offers advice and assistance for those living with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

"Our partnership with CPAP NSW, Australia's most trusted name in sleep apnoea, enables us to deliver unmatched care to our patients, ensuring they have access to the right equipment to sleep comfortably through the night," Rhonda said.

At Cincotta Chemist Dickson, they offer all your vaccinations in one place. From the flu shot, protecting against the influenza virus, to the whooping cough vaccine, defending you from the contagious respiratory infection that causes severe, uncontrollable coughing that can make it hard to breathe.

Whooping cough can affect anyone, however, those over 65 years of age who have not had a booster within the past 10 years are at a higher risk, along with babies under six months.

Don't forget, the pharmacy also offers the COVID-19 vaccination if you haven't yet received your booster!

"Our pharmacists create strong relationships with their patients because we know that the stronger the pharmacist patient relationship, the better the health outcomes that can be expected," Rhonda said.

Join Cincotta Rewards next time you're in-store to stay in the know about all their health services and the latest promotions. Plus, earn points on all eligible purchases to redeem in-store!

Visit the pharmacy at 42 Dickson Place, or ring 6247 7944 to find out more about their health services.

"We'll do the work so you can live your life and love your age!"

Helping you manage your painAdvertising Feature

Arthritis ACT offers a range of programs and services to assist people experiencing pain from arthritis. Photo: Supplied

Arthritis, pain and fatigue combined are the biggest cause of disability in Australia.

At Arthritis ACT they understand. Their team of allied health workers and peer workers have an intimate understanding of what it is like to live with these conditions, and what does and, more importantly, doesn't help.

Most people living with conditions that cause these symptoms find the most frustrating part of their disability is that it is invisible.

Arthritis ACT can assist people of all ages and there is no pain that is too minimal or too severe for them to help you with. They have a multi-faceted team that can help with pain management including exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and art therapists.

Arthritis ACT offers the following allied health services:

  • Dietitian - food is medicine, and it's our best medicine for fighting pain and fatigue
  • Occupational therapy - assistance with home modification, equipment prescriptions, functional reports for NDIS and DSP, driving assessments including car modifications
  • Exercise Physiology - exercise is also medicine, and we need a daily dose! Arthritis ACT can assist you with land and hydrotherapy programs and operate a full range of exercise classes for people of all ages including Nordic Walking and Pilates
  • Physiotherapy - Arthritis ACT specialise in osteoarthritis and run the successful GLAD program for osteoarthritis of the hip and knee
  • Art Therapy - Arthritis ACT assist you to explore your thoughts and feelings related to living with your condition - with or without the use of art
  • NDIS - All programs are offered via the NDIS including support co-ordination for people living with pain and fatigue conditions

In addition to their wide range of fee for service programs, all members of Arthritis ACT are eligible to participate in the wide range of educational seminars, including Take Charge of Pain, a seven week, one hour per week program that can assist you in learning to take charge of your pain condition.

The next program commences on July 13 and registrations are necessary. Contact Arthritis ACT on 1800 011 041 or via email on You can also visit the website at

Arthritis, Pain Support & ME/CFS ACT is a registered charity that needs your support. Please consider them in your charity donation that assists them to provide low and no cost services to those who have no other means of gaining support. Also support Arthritis ACT by utilising their services and telling others about them.

Psychedelic integration and harm reduction now offeredAdvertising Feature

Dont suffer alone or in silence, the therapists at Enlighten Mental Health are here to help and are currently accepting new clients. Photo: Supplied

Not all disabilities are visible and at Enlighten Mental Health they recognise that mental health concerns and psychosocial problems are just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Founder of Enlighten Mental Health and Army veteran, Eternity Hausen said, "People experience mental health issues for a range of reasons such as work and relationship stress, but other issues not commonly spoken about include having a long-term physical or mental impairment.

"These psychosocial issues can leave people feeling isolated and marginalised within our communities. Mental health issues can hinder people from reaching their full potential and participating in society."

Some people are forced to wait for months to get the help they need while others have not experienced success with traditional forms of therapy and have taken treatment into their own hands.

People are now self-medicating with psychedelics, and Enlighten is the first clinic in Australia to offer psychedelic integration and harm reduction services to these people.

"We are involved with clinical trials testing psilocybin (active ingredient in magic mushrooms) and MDMA across Australia. With the recent legislation change in Canberra, now is the time for those who have been quietly self-medicating at home to come forward and seek the integration support they need," Eternity said.

"Emerging evidence suggests psychedelics may hold therapeutic benefits when used in a clinical setting, for a range of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety and PTSD. With the recent decriminalisation of illicit substances in the ACT, we are focused on a harm reduction model for those who are using psychedelics to self-medicate."

Enlighten's therapists provide a non-judgemental space to explore the insights the client has gained during their psychedelic experience, and use evidence-based therapy to reduce harm and to assist clients to integrate their experience.

Enlighten often works with marginalised groups including those who have a disability, chronic pain, members of the LGBTIQA+ community and those who use psychedelics.

"People living with a disability may have self-medicated with psychedelics to ease the psychological pain experienced by having a disability," Eternity said. "Those with a disability can seek therapy for a broad range of issues such as reducing social isolation and loneliness. We support clients to live life to their fullest potential."

Enlighten has four therapists and work with people aged 13 and over. They don't have an extensive waiting list with new clients seen within two to three weeks.

Phone 02 6198 3226, email or go to