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Protect your family with private health cover

Protect your family with private health cover

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Is your family prepared for health surprises? What if the unthinkable happens, and the kids need their appendix taken out, or a parent pulls their back at the gym. Would you have adequate health cover?

When the worst happens, you've got plenty of other stressors to deal with, and there's no time or calm to think about insurance.

So give yourself peace of mind and prepare ahead by looking in detail at your health cover today.

Especially as your family grows and changes, your insurance needs will too. So it's always smart to keep your policy up-to-date and have it reassessed by experts.

And while more than half of all Australians have some type of private health insurance. Are we getting the best value for our hard-earned dollars?

There are plenty of options on offer in the world of health cover. To help you understand it all, make sure you talk through your family's lifestyle with a local health insurance expert. When choosing the right insurance for your family, it pays to shop around, as not all plans will be worth your time and money.

Australian insurer GMHBA will simplify the confusion and help you find the most cost-effective extras for your family's needs, including dental, optical and physiotherapy.

Some plans charge extra the more children you have. Hence, families need to look at whether their insurance charges excess or co-payments for children.

At GMHBA, you won't pay extra as your family grows. Whether you have two children or four, you'll pay the same amount for your insurance. The cost is calculated by the level of cover and extras you choose.

Most family health cover is available in a few different tiers. The higher the tier, the greater the cover, but also the higher the price tag.

Protect your family with private health cover

When your family grows, it can be an exciting but also stressful time. Consider making private health cover part of your family planning to make sure you're prepared well before the baby comes along. As most policies have a 12 month waiting period before full pregnancy, and birth claims can be made.

For families that lead an active lifestyle, extras like physiotherapy and remedial massage could be beneficial. You'll get the benefit of knowing your protected and you could even save money come tax time.

Whatever the unexpected injury, private health cover will give you more flexibility, less stress and help you get back to your best self in no time. With private cover, you'll have more control over the important decisions regarding your and your family's health. If you need to go to the hospital, you can often decide the who, what and where to help you in your recovery.

The reality is no two families are alike, and each household has its own set of needs, wants and budget constraints.

Whatever your circumstances GMHBA will help you analyse your lifestyle and select the extras that will be the most valuable investment for your family.

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