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9 best baby monitors in Australia to keep a watchful eye (and ear) on your baby

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Choose the perfect device to keep an attentive eye on your bub. Picture Shutterstock
Choose the perfect device to keep an attentive eye on your bub. Picture Shutterstock

When expecting a new addition to the family, peace of mind is paramount. Baby monitors are a vital tool for parents and guardians to maintain a vigilant eye on their little ones during times of rest or play.

While we are a big fan of the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor which excelled in each testing category such as picture quality, audio clarity, Wi-Fi range, and many others, we've also examined other baby monitors in the Australian market so you don't have to.

The following list showcases the finest options available, allowing you to choose the perfect device to keep an attentive eye on your bub.

The top picks for baby monitors in Australia according to our testing are:

  1. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Monitor - Overall best baby monitor to buy
  2. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor - Best for wide-angle camera view
  3. Nannio Hero3 Monitor - Well-priced baby monitor with all the basics
  4. ieGeek 2K Baby Cam - Best monitor for video quality

Our thoughts on the top baby monitors in Australia

When ensuring your little one's safety and peace of mind, you want a reliable baby monitor that meets your needs. Australia offers a variety of quality baby monitors equipped with features from HD video to temperature sensors and two-way audio.

Overall best baby monitor for Australians

We've had the Cubo Ai Baby monitor since the birth of our first daughter and are still using it with our second child. I can share firsthand that it does its job to give you peace of mind to watch your baby. Particularly for newborns, the AI detection will alert you if your baby's face is covered by their blanket or they've rolled over onto their face - an invaluable feature and the #1 reason why would recommend the Cubo Ai Plus.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a big risk with newborns (and was our biggest fear) and the Cubo Baby Monitor does an excellent job at sending alerts directly to your phone within seconds of detection.

Picture from CuboAI.
Picture from CuboAI.

As for the other features, you get it all with the Cubo such as temperature and humidity sensors, sound and motion detection, dimming night light, sleep music, an app that tracks sleep patterns, and even two-way voice communication to talk to your baby from another room.

But where the Cubo Ai video baby monitor excels is the high-quality night vision to see if their eyes are open or shut. It's reassuring to be able to see your baby's movements clearly in pitch darkness. Moreover, the Cubo app is intuitive and doesn't glitch out like other baby monitor apps making it such a reliable companion to keeping an eye on your baby.

While it does require a good Wi-Fi connection to keep it going, you can wall mount it or buy a floor stand to place it in the room where there is better network connectivity. Overall, if you value peace of mind with AI-enhanced monitoring of your baby, it's money well worth spending. Don't risk your baby's safety. The Cubo AI is priced at $329 on Amazon Australia with a 4.2/5 star rating with more than 600+ reviewers.


  • Alerts for covered faces and danger zones offer enhanced safety features.
  • The night vision is crystal clear, making it easy to monitor your bub at night.
  • Sleep tracking analytics provide valuable insights into your baby's sleep patterns.
  • In-built sleep music to help your baby nod off.
  • Wall, stand or mobile stand mounting to get the best coverage in any room.


  • Does needs a strong Wi-Fi connection to function optimally, which can be problematic if your connection is weak.
  • A bit more expensive compared to standard baby monitors.
  • AI detection can false alarm (but better to be safe than sorry)

Best baby monitor for wide-angle camera view

After setting up the Owlet Smart Baby Monitor in my niece's nursery, the HD night vision impressed me instantly. The wide-angle view meant no corner of the crib was out of sight, and the zoom feature allowed for pinpoint details. Monitoring room temperature is easy, ensuring your baby stays comfortable throughout the night.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The dedicated app transformed my phone into a sophisticated monitoring system. I appreciated being able to check in on my niece from anywhere in the house or while at work. The secure, encrypted stream meant that her privacy was preserved, no matter where I accessed it from.

Combining this device with the Owlet Smart Sock elevated my experience. Together, they provide an intricate look at your baby's well-being. However, remember this bundle comes at an additional cost, and if budget is a concern, the monitor alone still delivers sound performance. The Owlet has crafted a seamless synergy between the camera and the app, making this a top-notch choice for ensuring your baby's safety.


  • HD streaming right to your mobile gives you a clear view with excellent coverage.
  • Comes with a wall mounting kit and clever cable management.


  • Can only stream on one device at a time.
  • Baby sleep trend monitoring is an additional cost.
  • A higher price point compared to basic baby monitors.

A great baby monitor for picture quality

Having recently tested the ieGeek 2K Baby Monitor, I can speak to the crystal-clear images it provides, both during daytime and nighttime. The vibrant display and the effortless zoom function allowed me to catch every adorable yawn and smile from my baby girl. It's reassuring to know that with this device, you can maintain a close watch on your baby's activities without any obtrusive lights to disturb their sleep, thanks to the adjustable blue indicator light (unique to ieGeek in this list of popular baby monitors).

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The two connection options cater to different needs perfectly giving you versatility wherever you take it. Going Wi-Fi-free means you're relying on a secure interference-free and reliable connection at home. But, should you need to step out, the Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor your baby through the mobile app seamlessly.

Another remarkable aspect is the battery life. On a full charge, this baby monitor impressed with up to 10 hours of active screen time and up to six days battery life. It means you don't have to be constantly concerned about recharging throughout the week.

Overall, the ieGeek 2K Baby Monitor strikes a thoughtful balance between advanced features and user convenience, rendering it a top contender for keeping a vigilant eye on your baby when you need to with crystal clear, 2K video and 4X zoom functionality. It's simply unmatched for viewing quality and battery life.


  • High-definition 2k day and night quality.
  • Dual connection options with Wi-Fi and without.
  • Better battery life than competitor baby monitor products.


  • More expensive than other baby monitors.
  • Advanced features may require a learning curve for some parents

An affordable baby monitor with all the basics

Having recently experimented with the Nannio Hero3, I was pleasantly surprised by its straightforward set-up process - it's practically ready to go as soon as it's unboxed. The monitor evokes confidence with its crisp audio and video, ensuring you can always have an eye and ear on your little one. Nighttime checks are simplified, thanks to the effective night vision, giving peace of mind when darkness falls.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The device's vibration feature for sound detection is particularly clever. If there's any noise in your baby's room, the baby monitor subtly vibrates to alert you without any startling noises - quite the thoughtful touch for sleep-deprived parents. The added lullabies and two-way talk function work effortlessly, bridging the gap whenever you're apart from your baby.

An occasional signal dropout did occur, which may be noted by some parents, but it was a rare hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience. Overall, the Nannio Hero3 proves to be a robust companion in your parenting arsenal, offering solid performance and useful features.

Whether you're in the next room or the backyard, this baby monitor holds its connection, allowing you to stay connected to even the softest sighs. Moreover, it's well priced at $119.99 on Amazon, or $169 from Kogan.


  • Simple and fast installation right out of the box.
  • Excellent range and decent night vision in low light.
  • Vibration alerts for noise detection.
  • One of the cheaper baby monitors on the market.


  • Some may find the alarm too loud.
  • Can have connectivity issues at times.

Best baby monitor for voice communications

So we picked up the HelloBaby Wireless Monitor to test it out. The first thing we noticed is how easy it is to use. The plug-and-play set-up means you'll have extra time for all those other tasks on your to-do list.

There's the freedom to move about your home with the parental unit, thanks to its rechargeable battery and it does NOT need Wi-Fi connectivity. Secondly, it is one of the few baby monitors with pan, tilt, and zoom camera capability which can be very useful in certain situations.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The two-way communication was a standout for us. You can communicate and listen to your baby bub from any room in the house with excellent voice quality. It's almost like being right there beside them, compared to other baby monitors which don't have good clarity and can actually scare your baby!

And when evening falls, the night vision kicks in, offering a clear view of your little one. No more tip-toeing in to check - just a glance at the baby monitor and you're updated.

Another perk that we used a lot is the temperature display which acts as a handy prompt to adjust the room's comfort level by adjusting the AC, heater, or knowing if you need to add/remove additional clothing.

But mostly, the temperature sensor gives you a good idea of the comfort level in the room to ensure your baby sleeps snugly throughout the night (or day). Like the Cubi AI, the HelloBaby has built-in music to help your baby fall asleep.


  • Impressive camera control with remote pan-tilt-zoom capability.
  • Secure, interference-free connection without the need for Wi-Fi.
  • Two-way talk and lullabies to comfort your baby.


  • Some parents report limited range and signal drop-offs.
  • No app integration which might be a downside for tech-savvy parents.
  • A few reported instances of the camera ceasing to work after short-term use.

Best baby monitor for its Wi-Fi connectivity

The good thing about the Nannio Comfy baby monitor is its reliable, long-range night vision and temperature sensor for climate monitoring. Similar to the HelloBaby above, it has pan-tilt-zoom capabilities meaning you can keep an eye on your bub from anywhere in the nursery which is useful when they start to crawl. Should you need to soothe your baby back to sleep, lullabies and two-way audio make it simple without stepping foot in the room.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The set-up was hassle-free, with no need to tangle with Wi-Fi configurations suitable for homes with patchy Wi-Fi coverage and essentially a plug-and-play device. The 3.5" display is clear, and the night vision is impressive in total darkness. I found the VOX mode particularly useful; it keeps the monitor quiet until your baby stirs, saving battery life and sparing unnecessary disturbance.

However, the battery life is something you'll need to manage, as it requires regular recharging. While it's pretty standard for these devices, it can be a pain and easy to forget. You might also find yourself wanting to invest in additional cameras for different viewpoints or rooms, which are additional costs. Despite these cons, the peace of mind the Nannio Comfy brings with its secure, good-coverage wireless technology is worth considering when looking to buy a baby monitor.


  • Exceptional range and secure, interference-free connection.
  • VOX mode automatically activates the screen when your baby makes a sound.
  • PTZ camera control with the ability to connect multiple cameras.


  • The initial setup may be more complex compared to other Wi-Fi models
  • Additional cameras for multi-room setup are additional purchases.
  • Battery life could be better and needs to be charged often.

Best baby monitor combo with 2 cameras

Why we liked the VTech baby monitor is the fact it comes with 2 portable cameras in a bundle for an excellent price of $229 from BabyBunting online or in-store Australia-wide. This is good value for money and means you can place one camera in the nursery and the other in the baby's playroom.

The 2.8" LCD monitor is reasonably sized to watch each moment and has good picture quality. However, parents who prefer to use a mobile app on their phones will find it missing with the VTech baby monitor.

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

As mentioned, the image quality is decent and has pan, tilt, and zoom so you can track your little one as required or zoom in to see if they are asleep. This is assisted with low-light camera capability to see if their eyes are open!

What sets this baby camera apart from others in this list is the night-time projection which can help soothe your baby to sleep at night. Other notable features include 2-way talk and temperature sensors. In short, the VTech monitor is an affordable option for new parents. There are some limitations in terms of features but it does exactly what it needs and is reliable.

Cheap baby monitor on Amazon Australia

Next on our list is the HelloBaby baby monitor (HB66PRO) which we've featured for being an affordable baby monitor in Australia at $115.70 on Amazon. It's a good all-around monitor for your baby that has high-quality night vision, 2-way talking capability that is clear and reliable, gentle soothing sounds, and wireless connectivity that holds up well without drop-outs during our testing.

Picture from Hellobaby.
Picture from Hellobaby.

Occasionally the non-Australian plug may have you fuming for a suitable adapter, which can be a slight inconvenience upon initial set-up. The absence of USB charging also means you're tethered to a power outlet, which isn't ideal for every home layout.

Lastly, while the monitor's performance is typically sound, there have been mentions of charger issues. Still, it's comforting to know that the manufacturer's customer service is praised for their quick and helpful resolutions.

The HelloBaby smart baby monitor establishes itself as a dependable choice for parents who appreciate the importance of seamless day-and-night surveillance of their infants. Despite its minor power plug and charging method drawbacks, its benefits such as excellent night vision, two-way audio, and extended range make it a standout product in its category.


  • Enhanced night vision for after-dark check-ups
  • Two-way audio to soothe your bub from any room
  • Extensive 1000 ft range keeps you connected across distances


  • Power plug is not Australian standard; an adapter is needed (a big negative)
  • Not chargeable via USB, limiting portability
  • Reported issues with charger durability, though customer service is responsive

AnchorBest baby monitor for alerts and customisation

Picture from Tommee Tippee.
Picture from Tommee Tippee.

Tommee Tippee is a well-known name in the baby niche that has some of the best breast pumps (hands-free) and milk bottles in the Australian market. So having previously recently tried the Dreamsense Baby Monitor, we can say it's lived up to its reputation.

Like most monitors today, it was packed with features aimed at reducing parental anxiety and improving your little one's sleep. The high-definition night vision camera was very clear, ensuring our baby was always visible, even in pitch-black conditions.

The smart alerts were a standout. We appreciated getting notifications only when necessary, rather than constantly pinging some monitors deliver. This can be annoying especially if it's false alarms. It made us feel like we were still connected, without being overwhelmed. Plus, customising what we wanted to be alerted about meant that we received notifications tailored to the main worries we wanted to address only.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. We noticed that while trying to soothe our bub from another room, the audio clarity was somewhat lacking. It's an area where there's room for improvement but it wasn't a deal breaker for us. All in all, it's a good baby monitor for your home. While you can buy it directly from Tommee Tippee, it's currently on sale for $173.20 at Amazon which is a 56 per cent discount.


  • Intuitive alerts let us worry less.
  • HD camera and night vision provided crystal clarity.
  • App's sleep tracking came in handy.


  • Audio quality was a letdown during interactions.
  • Some issues were reported with the pan and tilt functionality.

What features are important for a baby monitor?

When choosing baby monitors, consider these crucial features to ensure you're making an informed decision as not all products are the same:

Connectivity range: The monitor's range is paramount. You need a model that maintains a strong signal throughout your home if you opt for a wireless baby monitor such as the CuBo AI or Owlet Smart baby monitor. If you don't have a strong signal in the baby's room or play area, then you should opt for a wired baby monitor.

Video and audio quality: Video quality is particularly important during the night. So ensure you pick a baby video monitor with high-resolution video at night so you can see exactly what your baby is doing. Moreover, good clear audio to keep an ear on every sound your baby makes.

Battery life: Battery-based baby monitors can take up a lot of power particularly if they are feature-rich. So it's a good tip to check the battery duration and how long it will last before requiring a charge. Some nice-to-have features in power-saving mode when there is no activity detected.

Two-way communication: This feature allows you to soothe your baby with your voice without entering the room. However, as mentioned above, audio quality is important otherwise the baby will know it doesn't sound like your voice if the quality is terrible.

Temperature sensor: A must-have feature is temperature sensors in Australia where the weather can go from extreme cold to hot and humid. A temperate and humidity sensors can alert you if your baby's room becomes too hot or cold so you know how to dress them appropriately or change the temperature of the baby's room if you have a split system AC unit.

Portability: A lightweight, compact monitor is easier to carry around if you intend to use it in many rooms. This is where a battery-operated video baby monitor can be more effective.

Connectivity options: Some baby monitors offer Wi-Fi connectivity for remote viewing via a smartphone or tablet.

Other factors you need to consider when Buying a baby monitor

Consider your lifestyle

Align your choice of baby monitor with your lifestyle. This entails assessing factors such as the size of your home, as larger residences may necessitate baby monitors with extended range capabilities to ensure continuous coverage throughout the space.

Furthermore, if you're a frequent traveller, opting for a portable and compact monitor becomes essential to maintain surveillance on the go, offering flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, considering your level of tech-savviness is paramount; for those who relish technological advancements, selecting a monitor with advanced features and connectivity options can enhance the monitoring experience and integration with other smart home devices, aligning seamlessly with your preferences and lifestyle.

Durability and reliability

A Reliable baby monitor is one of the most un-mentioned criteria when it comes to baby monitors. It needs to work every time with no downtime. This goes beyond the physical construction but the availability of network connection to provide 100 per cent uptime of video and audio monitoring. Pay close attention to customer reviews and ratings who have used the actual product, as they offer insights into the monitor's longevity and consistency.

Price point

While it's tempting to opt for the cheapest baby monitor available, investing in a slightly more expensive monitor such as the Cubo AI or Owlet Smart Monitor with additional features and better durability will offer better value in the long run and peace of mind.

Are baby monitors safe to use?

Baby monitors can be safe to use, provided certain precautions are taken regarding physical safety, privacy, and electromagnetic exposure. In terms of physical safety, cordless models eliminate the risk of strangulation hazards when our child is playing in the area.

However, wireless devices introduce another potential risk with EMF radiation. Therefore the monitor should have safe distance recommendations on the packaging or instruction manual that states a safe distance between the monitor and your baby's cot.

Regarding privacy concerns, selecting baby monitors that connect to secure, password-protected Wi-Fi networks and keeping firmware up-to-date can help safeguard against hacking vulnerabilities, ensuring the privacy of your family's communication remains intact. Additional measures such as getting a good VPN for your home can also be considered.

Frequently asked questions

Selecting the right baby monitor can be a critical decision for ensuring your child's safety and peace of mind. Here's a breakdown of the frequently asked questions to help you make an informed choice.

What's the best-rated baby monitor for Australians?

The best-rated baby monitor for Australians is often the one that combines reliability, clarity, and useful features. Currently, models like the Cubo AI Baby Monitor and Nannio Hero3 top the list for many consumers due to their combination of a secure digital connection, high-quality video, and additional features such as lullabies and room temperature monitoring.

What's the best baby monitor under $200?

If you're shopping with a budget under $200, you can find quality options such as the Nannio Hero3 Monitor and HelloBaby Wireless Monitor. They both provide adequate audio monitoring, and infra-red for night vision without breaking the bank.

Which baby monitor works best at night?

For nighttime monitoring, the Cubo AI Ai Plus and ieGeek 2k work amazingly well in low-light conditions so you can keep a close eye on your baby even in the dark.