Gigatrack offers an epic challenge

Gigatrack offers an epic challenge

I am at position 123,535 on the worldwide leaderboard, and I am happy. Exhausted, but content.

Just finishing the epic Gigatrack on Trials Evolution is an achievement, even with 26 faults and a less than impressive time of 14 minutes.

My first attempt was not so successful. I had an audience laughing hysterically at my every misfortune, and didn't make it to the finish line before the game got impatient with me and humiliatingly spat me back to the menu screen after half-an-hour of gruelling jumps and painful crash landings.

The track description to Gigatrack mockingly reads: "Can you handle the ultimate race?" Clearly I was not up to it. I'm still not worthy, but I am ecstatic to have crossed the finish line in such an arduous challenge that is so epic it starts at dawn and finishes at dusk.

Thanks to a pre-release code courtesy of publisher Ubisoft, I started playing Trials Evolution before it was available to the public.

My early leaderboard standings were incredibly flattering, but now I am humbled on whatever track I choose.


Even when awarded a gold medal, there is always a reminder that you have a lot to learn and mastery of the game is well out of reach.

The game is an extremely cruel mistress, and loves nothing more than to rub your face in your mediocrity.

But my sadomasochistic tendencies are strong enough to ensure even the most painful, shameful failure is soon followed by a restart.

I will soon even dare to tackle the mighty Gigatrack again.

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