Beau Hartas aims for NSW middleweight boxing title at Capital Fight Show

Beau Hartas aims for NSW middleweight boxing title at Capital Fight Show

He's got his eye on boxing greatness but Canberra prizefighter Beau Hartas isn't doing it for the fame - he's doing it for family.

That's why, with a New South Wales middleweight championship belt on the line, Hartas will be thinking of his two-year-old daughter Stella.

Beau "The Mumma's Boy" Hartas will be fighting for the NSW middleweight title.

Beau "The Mumma's Boy" Hartas will be fighting for the NSW middleweight title.

Photo: Jamila Toderas

Undefeated Hartas (2-0) will face Lui Guivalu (1-3) with the NSW middleweight title on the line at Capital Fight Show 13 at the Hellenic Club in Woden on Friday night.

Hartas wants to prove he is more than your "average Joe", desperate to leave a legacy his family can be proud of.

A state championship belt looms as the perfect gift for his daughter.


"I'll be taking that belt home mate, and giving it straight to her," Hartas said.

Hartas is a family man in every sense and if anyone needs proof, just listen to the ring announcer when the 30-year-old plumber's name is called.

When Hartas turned professional this year he could have chosen any nickname he wanted. He picked "The Mumma's Boy".

"All these other boxers have got tough names. The 'destroyers', the 'smashing machines' and all this," Hartas said.

"I am a bit of a mumma's boy so it sort of fit. I could have went with a tough name, a scary name, but I am a bit of a mumma's boy so I thought I'd go with that.

"Although I do have an awesome relationship with my dad, I love my dad as much as my mum, I just thought I'd change it up and go with that. I think a lot of people like it as well.

"I love making people proud of me, especially my mum and dad, my wife, my coaches and teammates, my sponsors, especially because they're putting in the hard yards for me behind the scenes.

"Especially my wife [Lauren], she does a lot for me and a lot for our family. That is a huge motivation so I definitely want to make it and say that I did this and have them as one of the main reasons why I did it all.

"I want to show that I'm not just going to be your average Joe, I am going to do something in this world and I definitely know that I'm going to put in for bigger and better things."

Hartas admits basically all he knows about his opponent is his name and that he boasts "a big punch" - he hasn't seen him fight, and had barely even laid eyes on him before the weigh-in.

But that's fine by Hartas, who will take it as a learning experience as he sets his sights on the grand stage of the sport he's committed to after 12 years in and out of the gym.

Hartas says "over the last couple of months I've realised that I can really step up and I can take this a lot further than what I first thought" and his "toughest enemy" is himself.

But he is steeled by the belief that he can go far in boxing. He's got his family and plenty of supporters along for the ride but Hartas laughs they're only there to enjoy the infamous mullet.

"I think that's half the reason why people come and watch me fight, just to see my hair-do," Hartas said.

"I've still got the mullet and the moustache. I've always had a moustache but the mullet just complements it."

He's proud as punch when it comes to the mullet and the moustache. A championship belt looms as yet another way to make his family proud.


Friday: CFS 13 - Steve Lovett v Steve Moxon. Doors open at 6.50pm, first fight at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticketbooth.

Capital Fight Show 13 card:

Light heavyweight - Steve Lovett (16-2) v Steve Moxon (5-4)

Middlewight - Beau Hartas (2-0) v Lui Guivalu (1-3)

Super lightweight - Haithem Laamouz (11-0) v Egy Rozten (5-17-2)

Super featherweight - Ben Dencio (4-1) v Pakpoom Hammarach (14-21)

Super welterweight - Abe Archibald (0-0-1) v Michael Dan (3-18-1)

Super welterweight - Ferdi Bartulovic (1-1) v TBA


Welterweight - Nathan Webber (3-0) v Kurt Finlayson (2-7-3)

Featherweight - Bianca Elmir (debut) v Ratsadaporn Khiaosopa (0-7)

Caden Helmers is a sports reporter for The Canberra Times

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