Canberra Brave's Kubara brotherhood grows by two in AIHL campaign

Canberra Brave's Kubara brotherhood grows by two in AIHL campaign

They are known as the "Kubara Four" and they are the Canberra Brave's quartet of brothers ready to take the Australian Ice Hockey League by storm.

Returning forward Casey Kubara will be joined by older brother Toby and younger brother Bayley in Brave colours against the Melbourne Mustangs at The Icehouse in a weekend double-header beginning on Saturday.

CBR Brave Brothers Toby, Bayley and Casey Kubara.

CBR Brave Brothers Toby, Bayley and Casey Kubara.Credit:Rohan Thomson

It'll be another month before Tyler Kubara returns from the United States to complete the quartet and push the Brave towards a maiden title after falling short in the 2016 decider.

Tyler and Casey are established fan favourites at the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre affectionately known as "The Brave Cave" while all four have represented Australia at different levels.


It's a journey that started with a Fernwood Fitness gym and four pairs of bright blue rental skates.

"Toby was playing in-line hockey [indoor format played on roller blades] and then a women's Fernwood gym took over our rink and it closed down," 18-year-old Bayley said.

"So we went to the closest rink. We all put on the bright blue rental skates and went for a lap, we got a stick and a puck and decided that we wanted to play hockey."

Twenty-six-year-old Toby is the oldest of the four brothers - they have an older sister - and the chance to play with family is what brought him to Canberra.

Army duties have had Toby in Townsville for the past three years. He recently got posted to Sydney and he's getting to know the Hume Highway well leading into his first AIHL season.

"That's the entire reason why I'm here, I want to spend more time with them and play more hockey with them," Toby said.

While the sport isn't huge down under, ice hockey has taken all four brothers around the world and Casey is returning from a championship win in Philadelphia.

But he says the small community is what makes the game so special, and having his brothers makes it even better.

"There's like 16 rinks in the whole country, and then you head over to America and there's 16 rinks within an hour of each other," Casey said.

"My brothers will obviously make fun of me, I'll make fun of them, it'll bring the fun aspect to the game. To have them out there, it's cool to know that they have your back, all the boys have our backs."

Their cousin Jake Burgess plays for the Sydney Ice Dogs, and the brothers hope they can bring him to the Brave too.

Caden Helmers is a sports reporter for The Canberra Times

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