Brave Chihuahua wins Palm Dog for 'riveting' performance

Brave Chihuahua wins Palm Dog for 'riveting' performance

Cannes: A tiny chihuahua has won the "Palm Dog" award at the Cannes Film Festival , for its performance in Dogman, an Italian film about an animal groomer who reluctantly gets involved in burglary.

The unofficial award is made every year at the festival as an "antidote to the extreme serious human ego issues at the real ceremonies," said organiser Toby Rose.

In the film, directed by Matteo Garrone, known for Naples mafia movie Gomorrah, the burglars shut Joy, the chihuahua, in a freezer to stop it yapping. It is later rescued by the film's hero.

A great dane was earliert tipped to win the prize.

Joy was recognised for her "hair-raising performance" when she has a brush with death that Palm Dog founder Toby Rose called “riveting", the Hollywood Reporter said.

Dogman is competing for the Palme d'Or - the official prize given to the best film at Cannes that will be awarded on Saturday.