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Education union agrees to ACT government's revised pay deal for teachers

Australian Education Union ACT secretary Glenn Fowler says an end to lengthy pay negotiations came after perseverance from teachers.

Clare Colley 9:48 PM   Third wage offer unlocks millions of dollars for extra psychologists and assistants in Canberra's public schools.

Ambassador's husband says child sex allegations 'off this world'

'Off this world': Vytas Kapociunas denies accusations he sexually assaulted a young girl.

Christopher Knaus 9:30 PM   An artist accused of sexually assaulting a young girl told police he had nothing to hide.

Lifeline urges Fluffy owners, friends and colleagues to learn how to spot people in trouble

Lifeline Canberra head Carrie-Ann Leeson expects mental health problems to escalate as the Fluffy crisis widens.

Kirsten Lawson 11:30 PM   A leading ACT counselling service has serious fears mental-health problems in Canberra may worsen as the Mr Fluffy crisis widens.

Wittenoom Crescent residents share a deadly legacy with namesake mining town

Wittenoom Crescent, Stirling, home to four Fluffy houses.

Kirsten Lawson 11:30 PM   The residents of Wittenoom Crescent in Stirling shrug their shoulders and smile at the irony of sharing the street name with the Western Australian mining town so contaminated by asbestos it is a no-go zone, closed off and fenced.

Kangaroo cull activist arrested

Canberra's kangaroo cull will continue until July 31.

Tom McIlroy 8:36 PM   A 70-year-old Macarthur man has become the first person arrested protesting this year's controversial kangaroo cull in Canberra. 

Man acquitted of child sex charges in his third trial


Christopher Knaus, Michael Inman 8:23 PM   The man was accused of sexually assaulting the five-year-old girl while her family was visiting a dying relative.

Costa Georgiadis says food forest has 'national significance'

Costa Georgiadis with some seeds.

Mark Sawa 7:22 PM   A gardening guru has described a new food forest initiative in Lyneham as one of 'national significance'.

Butcher finds little kills make sweet meat

Butchers Adrian Gobbert, Paul Darmody and Sandy Tenkate of Counrty Butchery.

John Thistleton 11:30 PM   Bungendore butcher makes choice cuts as prices put heat on processors.

Lake Burley Griffin's 'Lost Undertaker' shrouded in mist-ery

'The Lost Undertaker' turned heads when he rowed his stand-up-paddleboard coffin on Lake Burley Griffin.

Megan Gorrey 6:41 PM   Mystery surrounds a man spotted in the morning mist on Lake Burley Griffin in a kayak fashioned as a coffin.

New exhibition opens at Australian War Memorial

<i>Reality in flames</i> showcases works by leading official war artists.

11:30 PM   For modern Australian artists, World War II inspired them to create works about the social upheaval of global conflict.

Housekeeper injured at The Lodge exaggerates symptoms, but still wins compensation

A former housekeeper at the The Lodge will continue to receive workers' compensation.

Michael Inman 11:30 PM   A former housekeeper who hurt her back working at The Lodge will continue to receive compensation.

Ministers halt DHS's $600,000 pursuit of $6000

Minister for social services Scott Morrison has halted a legal case that saw the Child Support Agency spend $600,000 in legal fees.

Noel Towell 11:30 PM   Four years and $600,000 later, Child Support Agency 'litigation nightmare' is over.

Illegal dumping raises alarm near Hall

An inspection in 2012 of trucks leaving the ACT border on the Barton Highway.

John Thistleton 11:30 PM   Environmental Protection Authority warns of $5 million fine for illegal dumping.

Arts diary: the best of visual and performance art

Janet DeBoos. Teaset After Kanazawa (detail).

8:00 PM   What's on in Canberra's art scene

Canberra Business Chicks Breakfast

Jo Thjomson of Pearce and Nichola Leeming of Phillip.

5:09 PM   Business Chicks Breakfast with Lorna Jane Clarkson at the Hyatt Canberra.

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Would Jesus have fought the Huns?

Jesus with a sword.

Ian Warden 11:45 PM   Is Our✓ Redeemer,✓ a militant or a pacifist? One hundred years ago this week seething reader Angela Booth wrote to cancel her subscription to Melbourne's pacifist weekly The Woman Voter. The newspaper then answered back.

Plenty of capital in long-stay tourists

Popular: The Night Noodle Markets were among the Canberra events in the visitor survey period.

Megan Gorrey 3:12 PM   Visitors to the capital are staying longer and spending more, a new survey has shown.

Prepare to DIE, Defence public servants told

Defence worker

Noel Towell 2:06 PM   Giant department has unveiled its new set of acronyms and not everybody is impressed.

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Police nab dozens of ACT drivers for mobile phone use

Police caught 83 motorists who had taken their eyes off the road as part of a month-long crackdown.

12:56 PM   More than 70 drivers were caught using a hand-held mobile phone on Canberra's roads in June, prompting police to remind drivers it was like "driving blind-folded".

'War for people' to break out in public service

The proportion of public service workers 50 years of age and over has increased over time.

Noel Towell 10:09 AM   Public service bosses warned to hold on to what they've got as a "retirement tsunami" looms

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Ink Remix art opens at CMAG

The Ink Remix exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery features 14 artists including Shanghai's Ni Youyu and his work Galaxy a collection of painted coins.

Clare Colley 9:14 AM   A dog licking words onto a wall with dog food, intricate landscapes using Coca-Cola and biro, and flattened coins painted with microscopic images are all part of Ink Remix at the Canberra Museum and Gallery.

'I've played in the stuff? What do I do now?'

Rhys Muldoon, who discovered this week that he grew up in a Canberra home contaminated with Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Kirsten Lawson 9:12 AM   Actor Rhys Muldoon had no idea the blue-grey fluff he and his sister used to play in was asbestos or that it was dangerous until this week, Kirsten Lawson reports.

Canberra mornings: Traffic, weather and top news

Canberra mornings

9:02 AM   Traffic, weather, top stories and today's cartoon in one click.

Capital Life: Ceramicists step up

Anita McIntyre, Blue Print for a Capital (Vessel Series), 2015. The  porcelain paperclay monoprint drawing with screen prints and metal stand will feature at Craft ACT's ceramics triennale exhibition.

Clare Colley 6:14 AM   A round-up of what's happening in the Canberra arts scene for the week beginning July 4.

Climate change is turning bearded males into a pack of girls

Dr Claire Holleley and Professor Arthur Georges have discovered that climate change is affecting the sex of some animals.

Scott Hannaford   Increasing temperatures are turning the world's male lizards into a pack of girls - literally. 

Uber: the missing link for light rail?

Ridesharing service Uber is looking to enter the ACT market by October.

Scott Hannaford   Ridesharing service Uber says it can be the missing link for Canberra's proposed light rail line.

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Seven home owners refuse to take part in Mr Fluffy buyback

News. 1st July 2015. from left, Mr Fluffy activist Brianna Heseltine, and Mr Fluffy home owner Felicity Prideaux.

The Canberra Times

Photo Jamila Toderas

Kirsten Lawson   Seven owners of Mr Fluffy homes have refused to take part in the government's buyback, and with the deadline passed are now on their own.

Ambassador's 'deep shock' at child abuse allegations towards husband

Vytas Kapociunas, who is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, at the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Christopher Knaus   Former ambassador to Spain said the pair were 'incredibly distressed' during a sleepless flight to Canberra, where police were waiting to interview them.

Gang-gang. When Canberra was 'a place of paddocks'

Ulvik the troll reading an intellectually-stimulating page of the Canberra Times. Photo by Marion Alexander.

Ian Warden   We begin today's column, which will prove to be about the ancient history of housing in Canberra, basking in the news that we have a brand new reader to add to the several dozen this column already has.

Immigration and Customs public servants strike

Customs and Immigration CPSU members hold a stopwork rally in Belconnen.

Latika Bourke and Phillip Thomson   Stopworks have been held across the country on the first day of the Australian Border Force.

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