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A price to pay for 526 more parking spaces at Calvary Hospital

A new five-storey car park for Calvary Hospital is designed for the introduction of paid parking.

The ACT government has yet to decide on paid parking, although Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has previously said a consistent approach was needed for hospitals on how revenue was recovered through a parking policy.

Plans have been lodged for 704 spaces, a net increase of 526 spaces due to the permanent loss of 178

existing spaces that will result from using the site of the existing car park, which is opposite the main entrance on Mary Potter Circuit.

Consultants say the existing car parking is 380 spaces short at peak times and spill-over parking, which is on dirt car parks, is unsuitable over the long term.

The $18 million car park includes external butterfly ramps on the eastern and western ends of the structure as well as lifts.


Boom gates with freestanding shelters at the entrance and exit will not be installed when the car park is initially opened, but are included in the design.

This design includes power and communications conduits from the switch-room to ticket payment machines at the pedestrian entry and exit.

There is also allowance for phone line connection to facilitate payment for parking with eftpos and credit cards.

Parking will be limited to three hours on the first two levels.

On level one disabled parking will occupy 20 spaces in addition to 96 standard spaces and eight for electric cars, while level two will have 141 standard spaces and four for small cars.

Levels three (135 spaces) and four (141 spaces) will be primarily for hospital staff.

Level five will be exclusively for staff, accessible via a roller door.

Loss of parking during construction will be supplemented by parking on the nearby Canberra Institute of Technology campus in Purdie Street, Bruce, with a shuttle bus operating between the college and hospital.

Parking problems at Calvary and Canberra hospitals are exacerbated by people who park their cars and leave the campus to walk or catch a bus to work.

The ACT government introduced a price of $5 for daily parking at both hospital campuses in 2006, only to reverse the decision the following year after a strong community backlash.