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The body politic and Independent candidate for Ginninderra Kim Huyhn

We've told you about our hunt for the best ACT election poster and our hope for some eye-catching ones – well here is a contender for the top gong.

Independent candidate for Ginninderra, Dr Kim Huynh, decided against showing his face on his poster, in favour of his body.

"Of course it's me," he said, with a laugh. "Why do people keep asking me that? It's 100 per cent Kimbo."

And, yes, the poster is about being eye-catching, but there is more to it.

A lecturer in politics and international relations at the ANU, Kim and his family arrived as refugees to Australia from Vietnam in 1979.

"My body almost says more about me than my face," he said. "I almost died on the boat [from Vietnam] as an infant."


But he survived. And his body was like an "up yours" to the Communist forces he fled and to "not fitting in" when he arrived in his new country.

He reckons Canberra is one of the "most liveable, inclusive and cool little cities in the world" and he just wants his chance to do more for his beloved Belconnen.

The Belco tattoo in the posters is not real but Kim promises if he is elected, he will get a real tattoo and leave it to the voters where he should get one and what it should say.

But his preference is for "B....2617". Keep that in mind.