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ACT election sign wars not over yet

More than $62,000 in fines could be issued over illegal campaign signage located throughout the ACT during the election period.

City rangers have removed and impounded 282 signs, the majority of which belong to the Liberal Party.

A Territory and Municipal Services spokeswoman said a fine of $220 could be issued for each offending sign, resulting in a potential total of $62,040.

However no infringements had been issued as of Tuesday.

A total of 282 signs have been removed and impounded thus far,” a spokeswoman said.

Rangers have undertaken inspections of remaining signage and will continue to do so. Of the 282 signs currently impounded, four signs were impounded after the election period.”


The deadline for removing signs was 48 hours after the polls closed, at 6pm on Monday.

The Liberal Party had 125 signs removed and impounded during the election campaign period, far more than the second largest tally of 46, belonging to the Community and Public Sector Union.

The Palmer United Party had 36 signs removed, while Labor and Rise Up Australia totalled 24 and 14 signs respectively.

The Greens also had nine signs removed, following the removal of 30 party posters on the first day of the campaign.

Ten signs belonging to the Drug Law Reform Australia Party were removed, while city rangers seized four belonging to the Stable Population Party.

The Bullet Train for Australia Party, Katter’s Australia Party and independent Senate candidate Emmanuel Ezekiel-Hart each had three signs removed and impounded.

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party and Christian Democrats had two signs removed each, while the Australian Sex Party had one sign seized by city rangers.

Further comment regarding infringements has been sought from TAMS.