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Adam Shirley to present Mornings in 2018 on ABC Radio Canberra while also helping Dan Bourchier host Breakfast

Adam Shirley will next year replace Genevieve Jacobs presenting Mornings on ABC Radio Canberra - and also give Dan Bourchier a hand co-hosting Breakfast.

It comes as the ABC also confirmed it is cutting its flagship current affairs programs The World Today and PM from hour-long shows to 30 minutes in 2018.

This makes way for a nationally syndicated music and talk show hosted by Myf Warhurst (12.30pm-2pm) and a longer Drive program (4pm-6.30pm), which in Canberra will be filled by Laura Tchilinguirian.

Canberra media analyst, Coordinate director Warren Apps, said he was concerned the halving of airtime given to PM and The World Today would dumb down the ABC content.

"Cutting the programs does signify a shift to a broader-based content agenda and, yes, it will dumb down content," Mr Apps said.

ABC Radio Canberra will see one new face in 2018: Anna Vidot who will present Afternoons at the new timeslot of 2pm to 4pm.


For the past six years, Vidot has been ABC Rural's national political reporter based in Parliament House, Canberra.

The biggest shake-up for Canberra appears to be in the critical Breakfast shift.

Shirley, currently Drive presenter, will present Mornings from 9am to 11am next year for ABC Radio Canberra.

He will also sit alongside Bourchier to co-host Breakfast from 8.30am to 9am, a half hour that has been, in the past, an agenda-setting time of the day for the ABC.

Breakfast has had two hosts in Canberra before - Chris Uhlmann and David Kilby co-hosted the program successfully for years. But they did the entire program together.

Bourchier was highly-touted when he joined the ABC in Canberra in January, saying he was confident he could handle the pressure of juggling two of its plum roles - breakfast presenter on ABC Radio Canberra and then presenting the ABC TV news at 7pm.

But bringing Shirley in could be a concession the important 8.30am to 9am timeslot needs to be beefed up.

The new Afternoons presenter, Sydney-born Vidot, has lived in Canberra since 2012.

"I am absolutely delighted to be joining the fantastic team at ABC Canberra," Anna said. "Canberra is my much-loved home. After almost six years covering federal politics, I'm excited to have the opportunity to shift my professional focus onto all the other great stuff that makes this city and region of ours the most wonderful place to live."

ABC Radio Canberra on Wednesday confirmed its line-up for 2018 after facing an onslaught of criticism earlier in the day when popular Mornings presenter Genevieve Jacobs confirmed her services were "no longer required" by the broadcaster.

Warren Apps said, along with the cuts to current affairs programs, he was also shocked by the unwilling departure of Ms Jacobs.

"I find both decisions perplexing. I can't understand the rationale," Mr Apps said.

"When you look at the ABC and where [managing director] Michelle Guthrie is taking it, my sense is that she is trying to reinvent the ABC for a new generation. That can be seen in its investment in content for digital platforms.

"I don't if all that is linked to these decisions [revealed on Wednesday] but I suspect it is all part of some strategic plan."

ABC Canberra Editor Michelle Ainsworth said, "I'm thrilled to announce a refreshed line-up for 2018, and we're looking forward to continuing to engage with local audiences in 2018 with this enhanced on air offer. I welcome Anna to the team, who may already be well-known to listeners throughout the ACT region from her rural reporting".

Full ABC Radio Canberra 2018 radio line up is:

Breakfast: Dan Bourchier (6am-9am)
AM: Sabra Lane (8am-8.30am)
Mornings: Adam Shirley (8.30am-11am)
Conversations: Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski (11am-12pm)
The World Today: Eleanor Hall (12pm-12.30pm)
Myf Warhurst (12.30pm-2pm)
Afternoons: Anna Vidot (2pm-4pm)
Drive: Laura Tchilinguirian (4pm-6.30pm)
PM: Linda Mottram (6.30pm-7pm)
Evenings: Chris Bath (Monday-Thursday) and Christine Anu (Friday-Saturday) (7pm-10pm)
Nightlife: Philip Clark (Monday-Thursday) and Sarah Macdonald (Friday-Sunday) (10pm-2am)
Overnights: Trevor Chappell (Monday-Thursday) and Rod Quinn (Friday-Sunday) (2am-6am)
Saturday Breakfast: Greg Bayliss (6am-11am)
Sunday Brunch: Lish Fejer (10am-12pm)