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ADFA cadet denies being bullied into complaint

A female ADFA cadet has denied she was bullied into making a complaint after a fellow student forced himself on her while she was drunk and half-asleep in her bed last year.

The then 18-year-old woman, who cannot be named, was put to bed by friends after a big night out in Civic in May last year.

The female cadet had drunk 18 drinks that night, and her friends had left a message on a whiteboard outside her room warning other cadets to watch over her.

Singaporean Navy cadet Yong Chuean Benedict Ang, 22, entered her room in the early hours of Sunday May 6.

He is accused of forcing himself on the woman, who was a friend and he regularly called "sis".

The prosecution allege he grabbed her by the jaw, blocked her nose, and forced her to kiss him. He is also accused of undoing her bra and fondling her breast while she was sleeping.


But Ang claims the kiss was consensual, and that he left after the female cadet said "no, I can't do this, you're like my bro".

Ang's lawyer cross-examined the alleged victim on Tuesday. He suggested that she knew she had breached ADFA rules against fraternising with other cadets that night.

The defence said she was then bullied into making a complaint against Ang by fellow cadets, after telling them about her drunken "exploits".

The woman denied she was bullied, but said a fellow cadet had given her an ultimatum to either report the incident herself, or have it reported for her.

Ang's lawyer suggested that fellow cadet was a very assertive, outspoken person, who told the alleged victim very firmly that she needed to make a complaint.

The court also heard that the incident was discussed by a "substantial" number of people within the cadet's division.

When asked by Ang's lawyer whether she had taken the easy way out by making the complaint, the ADFA student replied "this is not the easy way out".

She said she had gone to fellow cadets for help because she was scared and didn't know what to do.

The matter wasn't formally reported for 19 days, with the female cadet saying she was concerned about damaging her friend's career.

The trial continues in the ACT Supreme Court.