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Alleged ADFA victim felt 'sick and powerless'

An international student accused of committing acts of indecency on a fellow cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy has been committed to stand trial.

Yong Chuean Benedict Ang maintained his pleas of not guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court yesterday. He is facing two allegations of committing acts of indecency on the female cadet without her consent.

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker said she was satisfied, based on a document summarising the case against Ang, there was enough evidence to justify putting the allegations before a jury.

Police say the 21-year-old entered an officer cadet's room at the military school in the early hours of May 6.

It is alleged he lay down on the bed and started rubbing her back, shoulders, neck and sides.

The alleged victim asked Ang to leave, but he held her jaw in a ''pistol grip'' so she could not move her head, according to the document.


Police allege he tried several times to put his tongue into her mouth, despite her protestations.

It is alleged she did not scream because the nearby rooms were empty, and she thought it would make things worse for her.

The document states the woman felt ''sick and powerless'' but went to sleep, thinking if she slept Ang would leave.

She awoke a short time later, allegedly to find Ang squeezing her breast.

The alleged victim spoke to other officer cadets, who confronted Ang.

It is alleged Ang replied, ''Yeah I know what you're talking about. I admit that I f---ed up. I was too high at the time and I f---ed up. I told her that I'm sorry''.

Ang is a Singaporean national and member of his nation's defence force.

His lawyer, John Harris, SC, said his client was currently studying at the University of NSW in Sydney.

Ang declined to call any evidence at the brief committal proceeding, as was his right, and will have his first day in the territory's higher court later this month.

He is expected to be excused from attending the directions hearing.