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Alleged drug importer charged with fresh offence

A Phillip man accused of having drugs posted to his home has been charged with a fresh count of possession.

Christopher Walter Thorn, 38, has been in custody since his arrest late last year after police allegedly tracked a large package of drugs to his southside home.

Thorn was initially charged with four counts of importing a border-controlled drug, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

He was freshly charged with possessing methamphetamine - commonly referred to as ice - when he appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Thorn has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The defendant was caught after Customs stopped a package -  allegedly addressed to Thorn at his Phillip home - containing a large quantity of the drug GBL, similar to party drug GHB.


The authorities seized more than five litres of GBL and replaced it with an inert substance, before forwarding the package on to Thorn.

The accused allegedly signed for it upon arrival.

A police raid of his home allegedly uncovered $38,000 in cash, eight clip seal bags suspected to contain ice, and a list of consignment numbers.

Two other shipments seized by Customs, including one allegedly destined  for a PO box under Thorn's name, contained a total of 27 litres of GBL.

The court has previously heard that the disability pensioner admitted to using GBL for 12 years and told police he had no idea it was a border controlled drug.

A Commonwealth prosecutor asked the Magistrates Court on Thursday to adjourn the matter until March so the case against Thorn could be prepared.

The prosecutor said a partial brief had already been served, but time was needed to forensically analyse a seized computer, check fingerprints, conduct purity tests, and check tax records.

She told the court the matter should be ready for committal to the ACT Supreme Court at the next appearance.

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker granted the adjournment.

Thorn will reappear in March.