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Anti-war activist attempts HQJOC 'break-in'

An anti-war activist has been arrested during a protest at the Headquarters Joint Operations Command near Bungendore this morning.

The protester, Bryan Law, was at the site with 10 others from a group calling themselves the Faith-based Peace Witnesses.

They were calling for special forces troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan, and planned to try and disrupt operations at HQJOC.

The group met with staff from HQJOC, handing them a "notice to quit" the war in Afghanistan.

Mr Law, who is from Cairns, then walked up to the front gate. He was ordered to stop, and was arrested when he failed to do so.

Mr Law was taken to Queanbeyan Police Station, and the other activists were planning to leave the site about 10.40am.

In an email to The Canberra Times, Mr Law said his small group wanted to disrupt normal operations at the Defence centre by attempting to penetrate security.

Mr Law has staged a number of similar protests aimed at disruption, including being part of a group that broke into the Pine Gap military facility in 2005, and disabling a helicopter during a military operation near Rockhampton in Queensland last year.