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Bank extends Mr Fluffy relief package to Queanbeyan residents

The National Australia Bank has extended its Mr Fluffy relief package to Queanbeyan and NSW residents after initially restricting the initiative to Canberrans.  

General manager for the ACT and south coast Irene Rowlands said the relief measures would provide assistance for customers facing a difficult time that was not of their making.

"We have extended our relief package to customers in NSW affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation so they have the same financial relief we have offered our ACT customers," she said.

"We are working closely with the ACT and NSW Governments, and the relevant government agencies to ensure customers get the support they need during this process."

Ms Rowlands said the relief program could enable customers to suspend home loan repayments, waive personal loan fees and charges, and be provided with credit card relief under certain conditions.

In November, former ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher put banks and utility companies on notice that they should come to the aid of families dealing with Mr Fluffy homes.

Ms Gallagher wrote to 50 banks, credit unions, insurers, electricity, gas, water and telecommunications companies, asking them to consider fee waivers, concessions and flexibility around charges and repayments for Mr Fluffy residents.