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Braddon's trendy traders open doors officially

Shoes smelling of bubblegum, timber sunglasses and rolling cognac glasses.

Merry Christmas hipsters!

The very hip opening last night of Lonsdale Street Traders in Braddon has opened up a weird and wonderful new shopping experience for those chasing the unique and the trendy.

I Trip I Skip co-owners Diana and Ana Derek giggle at customers sniffing their pink ballet flats ironically named "Trippy".

"The Melissa shoes from Brazil smell differently to everyone. Some people think they smell of bubblegum or Strawberry Shortcake and even My Little Pony," Diana said.

But it's not just the porceline owl and vintage T-shirt loving hip set that is reshaping Braddon by the week who will be shopping among the independent retail outlets in the warehouse.


"Obviously it appeals to creative people but it is not just for hipsters, we have something for everyone here," Diana said.

Canberra women can pair their candy-scented shoes with hand-painted porceline poodle rings or fill the basket of their new custom-built retro bicycle from Callahan Bicycles with flowers from the neighbouring florist.

For the man of the house there are rolling cognac glasses originally designed for airplane turbulence, minature ceramic cargo shipping containers and floral shorts.

In the spirit of Christmas there are wooden timber candelabras with rotating arms and glass fish tanks with inbuilt landscapes for the animal lover.

Shoppers can also sip on a Young Thai Coconut from Sweet Bones Organic Bakery while they discuss the art direction of their next hairstyle with stylists at Rare Hair.

"We like to consult with customers about their personality, wardrobe, lifestyle and suss out their boundaries to give them something great and comfortable that they can style easily at home," stylist Tara Walker said.

The independent stores co-operative was a light-bulb moment for Retailer Nik Bulum from Box and Unit Concepts.

"Canberra has been taken over by a massive shopping mall. So Lonsdale Street Traders is a way to keep local independent stores alive," said Mr Bullum.

The old tyre warehouse, with an installation of lamps hanging from the ceiling, will also be a creative hub for artists and musicians to function as a gallery and recording space.