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Branching out? How to choose a safe job

If job safety and risk minimisation is your primary concern in life, you should consider a career in computer sales, insurance broking, financial services, museums or optometry.

This is because these kinds of jobs have the lowest incidence of worker injuries and compensation claims in the ACT, thereby commanding the lowest insurance premiums, of less than 0.5 per cent, WorkSafe ACT figures show.

Conversely, it is prudent to avoid logging or forestry, jobs that have the highest insurance premiums in the ACT - 13.07 per cent - and could reasonably be considered the most dangerous occupations.

Construction follows closely, with bricklaying, concreting, steelwork and roofing all commanding premiums of 11.89 per cent.

Glasswork is also considered a dangerous occupation, with an insurance premium of 11.89 per cent, alongside road freight and long-distance bus driving.

Horse and dog racing jobs also have high insurance premiums at 10.7 per cent.


At the other end of the scale, banking is comparatively safe, carrying an insurance premium of 0.71 per cent. However, it is best to work in a bank or a building society because premiums rise to 2.14 per cent in credit union employment.

Teaching is safe, too, but perhaps it is more risky in the early years.

Preschool and primary education have insurance premiums of 2.61 per cent, while the rate for secondary and higher education is only 0.95 per cent.

The public service is a safe bet, but a Commonwealth government department is preferable to an ACT one, with central government administration having a workers' compensation rate of 2.61 per cent compared with local government administration on 4.28 per cent.

Nurses are more at risk of injury than doctors, with insurance rates of 5.71 per cent compared with 0.95 per cent respectively.

Gardeners have a relatively risky job, shown by an insurance rate of 9.25 per cent, while garden equipment retailing is 5.94 per cent and working as a florist is a safe 3.33 per cent.

Selling wine is an even safer occupation, at 2.6 per cent. Religion is very safe, with insurance premiums of only 1.62 per cent.