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New station to tune in to Canberra's Centenary

In case you haven't tuned in to all that's happening in Canberra for its Centenary, you can now literally tune in to a new digital radio station dedicated to celebrating the capital's 100th birthday year after the launch of a new digital radio station, Canberra 100.

The Canberra-based digital station has been launched by Canberra FM Radio, who also broadcast 104.7 and MIX 106.3 in the territory, but will only be available on the digital spectrum, which is currently being trialled in the ACT.

Along with normal music programming, Canberra 100 looks set to feature the tracks of local, unsigned artists looking to have their sounds heard on the commercial airwaves.

According to Canberra FM Radio, Canberra 100 will also delve in to the city's 100-year history and will highlight local Centenary events.

General manager Eoghan O'Byrne called the new project a "pop-up station", and said it will be on-air until after the official birthday celebrations on March 12.

“I am excited that we can use the technology that is being trialed in the region to create a truly local format," Mr O'Byrne said.

"New content will regularly added to the station reflecting what is happening in the region today along with what was happening in our growing community through the past 100 years.”

The station will only be available with a digital radio.