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Canberra joins in on global dance event 'Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever'

Kate Bush fans rejoice - a Canberra version of the singer's iconic 1970s Wuthering Heights music video (Remember? Red dress, big hair, thick layers of silver eyeshadow, outdoors?) is on its way.

For the very first time, the ACT is joining in on The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever - a global dance event held each July to celebrate the "joy and drama" of Bush's 1978 hit.

The event will see potentially hundreds of Canberrans don red dresses, apply outrageous make-up and dance their way through four-and-a-half minutes of the former UK number one single.

ACT public servant and belly dancer Brooke Thomas is leading the charge in Canberra and has set up a Facebook page that includes dance and make-up tutorials, as well as costume ideas.

Several rehearsals have already been held, with two scheduled for this weekend. The big performance is due to take place on the morning of Saturday July 15. Ms Thomas said about 40 Canberrans had signed up to perform on the day, including "blokes and kids".


"The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever started in the UK in 2013 and - it captured people's imaginations and just took off around the world," she said.

"One of my earliest memories of Saturday morning video clips is Kate Bush dancing in red - it's iconic, the singing is superbly Kate Bush and then there's the link it to the iconic - and troubled - novel."

While some cities across the world "literally learn the dance in the morning and perform it in the afternoon", Canberra is taking Adelaide's lead and running rehearsals to allow people to learn the dance in advance. Ms Thomas has choreographed the Canberra version herself, almost a step-by-step replica of Kate Bush's original 1978 moves.

"It's an event that's absolutely for everyone," Ms Thomas said.

"The big thing for me about community dance is that it's genuinely inclusive, you get to gather with like-minded people, move your body and enjoy the music.

"You don't have to be a dancer to take part - people have experienced so much joy in rehearsals and that's what it's all about."

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, Saturday 15 July at 10am, Glebe Park, Canberra. For more information head to