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Canberra musician Chris Endrey gets naked for new album launch

In an iTunes, Spotify and live streaming-obsessed music world, how does one guarantee cut-through when launching a new album? By playing a baby grand piano in the nude, of course.

Canberra musician Chris Endrey is going the full monty on Saturday during the annual Art, Not Apart festival to launch his first solo album, Lost and Found. He'll perform a 45-minute set at the National Film and Sound Archive on Saturday afternoon and evening - but the nudity's less about novelty and more about the "rawness" of his new songs, according to Endrey.

"It wasn't a conscious decision - this music is really honest material for me so it kind of feels like it would be a lie to be wearing any clothes," Endrey said.

"There's no pretense, it's really raw and it was actually really an obvious choice [to play nude].

"The nudity is a very secondary feature of the work - the songs will all be performed by candlelight and the nudity is - well, you've got to wear something, so why not nothing?"

Endrey is a talented musician and comedian whom Canberrans will know from punk group Fun Machine, regular spots on ABC Radio Canberra and stand-up comedy shows at local venues (he'll hit the stage of Canberra Theatre on Wednesday night as part of the Canberra Comedy Festival). Lost and Found is his first solo album, written in 2014 in the dark downstairs of his share house in O'Connor, during a deeply "distressing" time.


"I originally wrote the songs just for me, I was in a bit of a down place and it was to help me get over quite a distressing time," he said.

"For me it's a really unpretentious work because I didn't really consciously think of even a single line - it just all came out and ended up being a full body of work.

"I never sat down and thought 'I'm going to write a song now', I was playing and playing and playing every day for months and ended up with this fully forged thing."

Endrey will join 200 other artists on the ground in Canberra for the annual Art, Not Apart festival on Saturday. The festival's theme is 'Shake It Up' and highlights of the program include a gender-bending performance artist, live readings at the brand new Poet Tree and a 100m long collaborative street art project along Edinburgh Avenue.

"You'll find something in every nook and cranny," said festival producer David Caffery.

"It's a unique style of event, there's nothing really like this, we've moved away from the big stage festival concept and moved to much more granular, fine-grained and beautiful programming that's more about experiences."

Art, Not Apart festival, Saturday March 18, across New Acton, the National Film and Sound Archive and Fyshwick. Free for all ages. More information and full program of events at Chris Endrey's new album 'Lost and Found' is available at