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Canberra's first baby of 2016 was almost a Christmas baby

Cameron Beau Apps was supposed to be born on Christmas day.

But as luck would have it, he was more than a week overdue and at 12.41am on New Year's Day, became the first baby born in Canberra for 2016.

"I suppose he could have [been hanging on]," his father Beau Apps grinned.

Cameron is the first child for Mr Apps and his partner Michelle Fabbo.

The Ngunnawal couple had the name Cameron in mind early on in the pregnancy, despite not knowing the gender of their baby.

They had a gut feeling he was going to be a boy though and after a 22-hour labour, the new parents had their suspicions confirmed. 


At 4.5 kilograms (9 pounds 14 ounces in the old scale) and 51 centimetres long, Beau is the first grandchild on Mr App's side and a rare son in Ms Fabbo's extended family full of girls.

And with such a sizeable clan around him he'll never be short on love, his mum said.

"We've got pretty big families so he'll always have someone around him," she said.

While Mr Apps said he's been ready to be a dad for the past three months, Ms Fabbo said she is proud her son hung out to claim such a special honour. 

"We were actually hoping he wouldn't come on Christmas day because we wanted him to have his own birthday. He's got it now and a very cool birthday," Ms Fabbo said.

"I think he's going to enjoy the 18th and the 21st birthdays, it'll be a big party, it's going to be great," Mr Apps said.

The couple thanked the midwives and the doctors of Calvary Hospital for helping bring Cameron into the world healthily.