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Discover nooks and crannies of Civic on the Canberra Scavenger Hunt

Fans of The Amazing Race take note.

Sydney Life Coach Sam Sutherland✓ has been hosting scavenger hunts all over the world, including London and Chicago, and she's bringing the event to Canberra.

She describes them as the "Amazing Race meets treasure hunt meets walking-tour-on-Red-Bull".

"They're really fun and they give you a chance to explore the city and see stuff you haven't seen before," she said. 

"And it's not just looking for things, you're actually talking to people and doing activities and finding interesting clues around the place that you just definitely wouldn't have seen before."

The hunt kicks off at the fountain outside the Canberra Centre on City Walk, where participants will be briefed, given a set of clues and told the final destination.


"Then they go off and spend two hours trying to get as many points as they can for all the different clues along the route and then meet at the finishing point. Then I tally up the points and the winners are announced."

While you're only battling for novelty prizes, Sutherland said everyone, "always comes back breathless with a good time".

The hunt is done in groups of three to five people — if you don't have a group they will put you in one on the day — and you don't need any special skills other than a "sense of adventure".

The scavenger hunt is on Saturday, May 21 from 1-4pm. Entry is $30 at