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Fashfest 2015's faces announced as two newcomers to modelling

An exercise physiology student with plans for further study and an actor, singer and dancer who is still in year 12 will be the faces of Fashfest for 2015.

Ken Scruton, 21, and Hannah Clare McKenzie, 17, were chosen from the almost 300 people who attended the fashion showcase's model casting on February 2.

Scruton, who studies exercise physiology at University of Canberra and hopes to do a master's degree in physiotherapy, said he didn't expect to be selected to model, let alone as the face of Fashfest .

"I didn't even go there expecting to get in to be honest, because everyone there was so good. I just figured the competition was too much and I wouldn't have a chance," he said.

"When I went to the meeting I thought it was to give us a debrief of what was going to happen if we did get picked and then at the start of the meeting Andrea [Hutchinson, Fashfest co-founder] was like, 'I'd just like to start by saying congratulations on being the faces', and I was like, 'Are we being punkd? Is this a practical joke?'"


It will be the second time on the Fashfest catwalk for Scruton, who modelled at the fashion festival's first year in 2013 and has done some modelling work for Parliament Clothing.

Scruton is excited, but not sure what it was about him that secured him the spot.

"I was gonna ask but I don't want to sound too cocky and be fishing for compliments ... But I am curious," he said.

McKenzie first auditioned for Fashfest after hearing about a friend's experience.

"One of my friends had got in last year and she was raving about how good it was. So I thought I really like doing catwalks and I'm really interested in all the designers so it was pretty much a no-brainer to audition," she said.

"Everyone at Fashfest is just so supportive and it's such a nice environment to be in."

The Dickson College student has been singing, dancing and acting since primary school, and first tried modelling to help out some friends when she was in grade 9.

"I watched all the videos from last year," she said. "I loved just seeing all the designers and how they've changed over the past few years and having the models become that look for them and that's what excites me about modelling, that you get to become someone's vision."

This is the first year that newcomers have been made faces of Fashfest, and Scruton and McKenzie will be part of promotional activities ahead of the showcase, which is from May 13-16.