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Fashfest announces new dates and a move to later in the year for 2016

Rumours have been swirling that Canberra's biggest fashion event of the year was no more. But the organisers are adamant that it's alive and kicking.

"Fashfest is here to stay," said co-founder Clint Hutchinson.

"We naturally thought, with the first year, whether it would be a one-year wonder, but the second year proved Canberra is fashion hungry and deserves and wants its own major fashion show. Now our focus is on getting bigger, better and more innovative each year.'

While the event will return for the fourth time in 2016, it will be moving from its usual month of May to later in the year from September 29 - October 1. It will again be held at the National Convention Centre, and this year they're adding extra shows, with two per night.

According to the organisers, the new dates make more sense, fashion-wise and weather-wise.

"We're now aligned with Australia's overall fashion calendar and the timing of 'sister events' like the major weeks in Melbourne and Sydney," said Hutchinson.

He also added that the September weather means Canberrans will be able to "glam up without worrying about feeling chilled".

Designer applications are still open until next week, so we'll have to wait until later in the year to see who will be hitting the catwalk.