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Spring fashion – what's hot?

You'd be forgiven for questioning its appearance, but spring summer fashion has arrived in stores, and brought with it bright colours to turn the winter blues into summer blues, oranges and yellows.

"Some of the things we'll see colour-wise are some deep ocean blues, burnt oranges, yellows and olive greens," said stylist Jemma Mrdak, the fashionista behind the blog A Stylish Moment.

"When these sort of colours are styled with filler colours, so blacks, whites and greys, they really work well."

Some of the classics have also had a tweak, including the spring staple of florals, and the little black dress.

"We'll start seeing paisley print, so this is a more modern take on the usual floral print," she said.

"And we're gonna start moving towards the LWD which is the little white dress, in either lace or a lightweight style."


In news sure to make some shudder, the item of clothing that many feel should have stayed in the school yard – the culottes – are here to stay.

"We saw a longer style of those for winter but for spring summer it'll be a shorter style, and pairing that with a basic singlet or T-shirt with statement jewellery," she said.

"You've really got to buy an investment pair. They've got to fit you really well and I think it's even worth getting them tailored to fit you, because you run the risk of them looking really baggy."

If you're looking for an easy wardrobe update, Mrdak suggests going with accessories.

"I think a lot of people think they need to buy a lot of new outfits for the new season, when they probably have a lot of great outfits in their wardrobe – just add a statement necklace, a bag or a pair of earrings – you don't have to buy expensive ones.

"You can still wear the same jeans you wore for winter but just fold them up at the ankle a little bit, it makes them a little bit more summer style without having to buy anything.

"And I definitely think a statement pair of ballet flats is necessary, because it's not quite cold enough to let your toes out and wear sandals, but ballet flats will still cover your toe section but give your feet a bit of a breather."

And while you're updating your wardrobe, Mrdak has some tips on what to get rid of, or keep hidden away inside.

"Birkenstocks, I think we've been there and done that last season. Short shorts, should be a big no-no. Flower crowns – they're out," she said.

"And crop tops. Last season everyone was a fan of a mid-length skirt and a top that was a bit cropped showing a bit of midriff – I think that's kind of been and gone unless you're at a festival. So no matter what sort of stomach you have, keep it covered."