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Uber delivering puppies to workplaces in Canberra

And you thought it was just going to just be a regular Thursday

Uber is today delivering puppies to workplaces in Canberra for 15 minutes of puppy love.

Between 12pm – 4pm, anyone with the Uber app can order the puppies to be delivered to their workplace for a $40 fee, which will go towards supporting local animal shelter Best Friends Pet Rescue.

Only workplaces in the Canberra CBD can get the puppies delivered, and Uber suggests you should also ask your boss and check there are no people in the office who are allergic.

The deliveries are happening in eight cities around the country, with the goal of encouraging pet adoptions and raising funds for local shelters.

If you fall in love with the bundle of fluff who visits you, all puppies are also available for adoption.

The puppies will be chaperoned with a representative from the shelter and Uber.

To request your puppy delivery, open the Uber app between 12pm and 4pm and select the "Puppies" option.