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Child-groomer loved victims in his 'own twisted way'

A former University of Canberra academic who tried to groom an 11-year-old for sex and took explicit photos of himself and a nine-year-old will spend at least another seven months in jail.

Spanish lecturer Augusto Tamayo-Del-Solar, 62, was sentenced on a series of indecency charges against the two young victims, as well as producing child pornography and possessing child pornography.

In both cases, Tamayo-Del-Solar abused the trust of the victims' parents.

He was caught in a police sting as he tried to manipulate the 11-year-old in 2009, and has now been in custody in the Alexander Maconochie Centre for over three years.

Federal agents posed as the girl during internet exchanges, arrang-ing to meet the defendant before they went up to Mount Ainslie.

In those internet exchanges, Tamayo-Del-Solar told the girl he had dreamt of dancing with her romantically, saying she ''looked more beautiful than ever''.


He also described the victim as ''my beautiful soul mate'', and the exchanges became increasingly more affectionate and sexualised, until their arranged meeting.

Tamayo-Del-Solar, a diagnosed paedophile, arrived with pizza, Coke, champagne, and condoms, the court heard.

He was arrested and a subsequent raid revealed a USB thumb drive containing explicit images of the 62-year-old with a nine-year-old girl.

Tamayo-Del-Solar also committed acts of indecency on the nine-year-old, including simulated intercourse, in 2008.

He took the nine-year-old into a bedroom, asked her to take off her clothes, and yelled at her when she refused to get on the bed.

He stripped down to his underpants and performed simulated intercourse. He also placed her in various explicit poses and took photos of her, the court heard.

Tamayo-Del-Solar had pleaded guilty to all charges, except one act of indecency, of which he was later found guilty by Justice Richard Refshauge.

The former academic was sentenced by Justice Refshauge on Thursday morning.

He was sentenced to six years and three months jail and will be eligible for parole in October.

In a sentencing hearing last week, Tamayo-Del-Solar had expressed remorse for manipulating the girls, saying he felt ''terrible'' about what he had done.

He said he loved the victims in his ''own twisted way'', and admitted he needed help for his child sex offending.

Justice Refshauge said his remaining time in prison could be used to undergo rehabilitation for child sex offenders.