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Corbell, Hunter back in the race

Simon Corbell and Meredith Hunter appear to be back in contention - by the slimmest of margins - to hold their places in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Interim preference numbers released by Election ACT late last night, although they relate to a small number of votes, hold out hope for the incumbents in Ginninderra and Molonglo.

The new numbers have Greens leader Ms Hunter shading Labor newcomer Yvette Berry by a small number of votes in Ginninderra while senior Labor frontbencher Mr Corbell is just in front of fellow ALP candidate Meegan Fitzharris in Molonglo, again by a slender margin.

Liberals incumbent Steve Doszpot has fought back against first timer Elizabeth Lee to look, on the latest numbers, like he may take the sixth seat in the seven-member electorate.

In Brindabella, the latest count still has the Greens' Amanda Bresnan going down to Liberals challenger Andrew Wall.

Last night's counting indicated a result of eight assembly seats for the ACT Liberals, seven for Labor and two for the Greens, who would hold the balance of power.


It was also revealed last night that the Canberra Liberals have taken a narrow lead in the popular votes.

After counting the first 7000 postal votes from about 12,000 ballots that were sent out to long-distance voters, Elections ACT has the Liberals on 84,479 votes across all three electorates, 32 ahead of Labor, which has 84,447. There several thousand more ballots to be counted in a process that is not expected to be complete until Saturday night.

There is likely to be no indication until next week on which major party will be backed by the Greens to form government.

Labor leader Katy Gallagher, in her election night speech, claimed the popular vote for her party after counting on the night showed Labor slightly ahead of the Liberals on the overall vote.

She declined to comment on the latest numbers last night.

Liberals leader Zed Seselja said last night the latest figures undermined any claim Labor might have on government. ''It's obviously very close but it does I think take away the last thing the Labor Party was clinging on to, which was claiming a lead on the popular vote, there is now effectively nothing in it,'' Mr Seselja said.


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