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Demolition work to disturb Canberra Hospital

Patients at The Canberra Hospital expecting some peace and quiet as they recover may be in for a shock next week when a large concrete saw starts tearing through an unused pedestrian bridge.

The demolition work - which starts Monday and is expected to continue for 11 days - is being done to make way for the new Canberra Region Cancer Centre.

ACT Health Directorate Director-General, Dr Peggy Brown, today warned patients and visitors about the potential noise and vibration from the work.

"The Health Directorate acknowledges that the demolition work, adjacent to fully operational facilities, has the potential to cause some level of disruption, however we are doing everything we can to ensure the least amount of disruption possible, while also ensuring the safety of all patients, visitors and staff on the campus," she said.

"We apologise in advance for any inconvenience and thank patients, visitors and staff for their patience as we work to build the new Canberra Region Cancer Centre.

Construction on the Canberra Region Cancer Centre 'topped out' in September – meaning the structure reached its highest peak.


"To allow for continued construction and installation of the facade of the new building, an unused pedestrian link bridge between the southern end of Building 3 and the former Psychiatric Services Unit needs to be removed," Dr Brown saw.

The demolition will involve a concrete saw cutting the concrete which forms the walkway of the pedestrian bridge into manageable pieces which will then be removed.

Dr Brown acknowledged that the demolition work may cause some level of inconvenience for staff, patients and visitors in close proximity to the works.

The noisy aspects of the demolition work will take place intermittently between Monday, January 7 and January 18.

The Canberra Region Cancer Centre is expected to become operational in the second half of 2013 and is supported by funding from the Australian Government's Health and Hospitals Fund.