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Elderly man crash lands vehicle on parked car

Part of a car park was blocked off and an elderly man has minor injuries after his vehicle crash landed onto the top of a parked car in a Hughes shopping centre car park on Wednesday.

The man was driving along Wisdom Street when he crashed through bushes and cleared a low brick wall before coming to a stop partially mounted on a parked car.

Courtney Green, 24, drove to the Wisdom Street shops before 3pm to book a hair appointment and arrived to find people standing around the mounted car.

“There was a lot of broken glass and a good 20 people (milling around),” Ms Green said.

“The elderly gentleman was talking to people in his car, it’s good he wasn’t hurt … he’s travelled across a fair bit of grass, and it looks like he’s cut across another [lane].”

Firefighters used a ladder to assist the driver from his vehicle.

The elderly man was assessed by ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics and transported to The Canberra Hospital in a stable condition.


Ms Green took a photo of the scene and posted it in Facebook.

“My comment on Facebook was only in Hughes can this happen,” she said.

The crash comes one day after the sentencing of a man in connection with a 2010 murder in Whittle Street, on the other side of the same Hughes shops.

Todd Elphick was sentenced to 225 days jail in the Supreme Court on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to a charge of accessory after the fact to intentionally and unlawfully using an offensive weapon against another person in a way likely to endanger human life.

Mr Elphick drove his friend, Kai Yuen, from the scene of the May 2010 shooting. Mr Yuen was sentenced earlier this year in relation to the murder.

Ms Green said the delay caused by some dessert at lunch may have saved her from parking in the vacant car’s spot on Wednesday.

“I had lunch with my Mum and she made me eat a bit of cheesecake,” she said.  

“I called her and told her [about the crash], and she said the cheesecake may have saved my life.”