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Family terrorised in road-rage attack

A man who terrorised a family during a road-rage incident, smashing a rear window with a metal pole causing glass to spray over a baby, has been jailed for six months.

Jake Arioli, 21, of Evatt, was sentenced on Tuesday in the ACT Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to charges of reckless driving and damaging property.

The court heard the mother, a learner driver, was driving her husband and six-month-old son along Lathlain Street, Belconnen in June last year when she stopped at a crossing.

Arioli blasted his horn at the woman when she failed to move off when the light turned green and then rammed the right side of the vehicle.

Arioli accelerated away but the cars again met at a red traffic light, where he yelled abuse at the family before driving off again.

The woman was so shaken and scared by the incident that she pulled over to let her husband drive.


Arioli then reappeared and swerved towards the family several times before throwing a metal pole at the car, which shattered the rear passenger window, showering the child, who was seated in a baby capsule, with glass.

The parents pulled over to check on the welfare of their child but were forced to flee when Arioli parked behind them and got out of the car with another man while brandishing metal poles.

The family drove to the Belconnen Police Station to report the incident.

Arioli pleaded guilty to both offences.

Magistrate Beth Campbell sentenced Arioli to six months behind bars, to be suspended after three months.

Ms Campbell said a jail term was the only option as the incident represented “significant criminal and anti-social conduct” and a message must be sent to the community that such behaviour was condemned.

“It must have been terrifying for the people in the car,” Ms Campbell said.